Sex Accessories You Can Get Away With In Your Dorm

There’s no use denying it: there are strong ties between college culture and sex, and not just because many college students tend to have a lot of it! The college lifestyle has been sexualized in film and television for decades largely because young men and women live together. They’re free from the restrictions of life at home, and with “raging hormones” they are thinking about sex quite often, whether or not they’re having it.

And most colleges are fairly well prepared for this, given that condoms are handed out (or at least made available) to freshmen like candy on Halloween. But condoms are about safety. Some college students also want fun sexual accessories on hand to experiment with or enjoy when bringing a date home. But on the other hand, having a bunch of sex toys lying around your dorm room can be more than a little awkward when roommates and friends stop by. Here are a few sex accessories you can get away with stashing at college.

The first and easiest to hide away is massage oil. There’s all types of fun people can get into, sexually speaking, with a nice scented oil. At the same time, this can be one of the more innocently labeled products that has a place in your sex life. Massage oil can be stashed among your everyday toiletries or kept on a shelf alongside shampoo and the like, and chances are no one will ever notice it.

But if you feel like trying it out in an intimate context, it’s right there when you need it. Plus, should you end up with a significant other you actually just want to massage (and be massaged by) in a more innocent way, you’ve got it! Just for the record, if this idea is appealing, She Knows took the liberty of writing up a guide for couples on how to give your partner a great massage‚ with oil, of course.

Next, a small or inconspicuous vibrator tends to be easy enough to keep on hand. This is a tip primarily for the ladies but still one that’s important for the sexually inclined‚ particularly those just entering school. At first, the idea of having a vibrator in the dorm room may seem a bit scandalous. With all the ridiculous slut-shaming that goes on in today’s culture, a lot of young women will be shy about appearing to be overtly sexual, and part of that means not showing up with a vibrator in hand. To be clear, this is an absurd concern, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with packing any sort of sexual stimulation tool to bring to college.

However, if you are self-conscious about it, or if you simply prefer discretion for your own reasons, there are plenty of options out there that are specifically designed to be discreet. In fact, there’s even a vibrator out there disguised as a rubber duck. According to Adam & Eve, it’s called “I Rub My Duckie” and they explain that because the toy looks just like an ordinary tub toy, you can keep it hidden in plain sight. Little does anyone else know that it has three speeds of vibration. Then again, if that’s almost too sneaky, there are also plenty of mini-vibrators with cases that look like makeup containers and things of that nature.

Finally, there’s no sense pretending bondage isn’t a hot topic right now, particularly with the 50 Shades Of Grey movie on its way. Just don’t take it too far!

None of this, again, is to suggest that it’s wrong to have anything else sexual in your dorm room or with you at college. This is merely a guide for those who want some sexual accessories on hand, but would rather be sneaky about it!

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