Well hey that’s me Greg, your founder. Honest College as a brand name isn’t all that clear, but what we offer is Honest College Advice. Anything you can imagine college-wise and beyond (jobs, grad school, getting an apartment) goes here! College-wise, I graduated in 2010 from Cornell University studying Economics and Anthropology. It was a fun 4 years. But where most of my friends went and got normal jobs afterwards in banking, medicine and other straight edge paths, I took up blogging in the fall of 2010. I wrote many of the first posts here, then brought on interns from around the country, then in the fall of 2012 fully handed the reigns over to trained guest writers from a diverse set of academic and industry niches.

(We’re always accepting new writers…)

Why blogging?
I had always wanted to make a profitable living online, trying various methods like investing and online poker (to varying success). More importantly I wanted to learn how to make a blog and how to design a website. 4 years and lots of cups of coffee later I’m blogging for a living from New York City.

My favorite top 5 post here are:
Decorating Your Dorm Door
Overcoming Homesickness
Greek Myths Debunked
The Best Cities to Intern or Work and Why
From Soldier to Student: Making the Transition to School After the Military

The web’s come a long way in the 4 years I’ve worked here, but it’s never too late for you to get started too!

Professional life:
Starting a really basic blog one day has allowed me to work with and consult for international companies and brands like Sony, Adobe Create Suite, Honest Tea and the New York City State Government. Never a fan of corporate, I’m proud blogging has also helped me live a mobile lifestyle with the help of our sister site, dearblogger.org, and our YouTube tutorials.

Get in touch!
If you’d like to write for Honest College or want advice starting your own blog or website, please reach out to publishing@honestcollege.com. I’m super casual and will respond within 24 hours or whenever I wake up :)

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