I started blogging in 2010 because I didn’t have a job. Blogging was still a new, misunderstood thing. I think I wanted a writing resume to send to publications way over my qualifications. But with free tools like Blogger and WordPress, and along with some luck, I was able to make this my job. It’s amazing how many other students were writing too. There are WAY more now. Writing about everything. If you’re a good decent person with unique expertise and some patience you can blog for your job too. I’d love it if this blog was your place to start – whether you’re a college freshmen, a hungry job seeker, an “adult” (yikes) or even just looking at colleges.

My favorite post here are:
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From Soldier to Student: Making the Transition to School After the Military

If you’d like to make a WordPress blog too for your business, resume or personal portfolio college is a great time to do so. Learn how to create a blog in my free beginner friendly youtube tutorials (which is where I spend much of my working hours these days)

Thanks for stopping by, sorry for being so long-winded, and hope you are able to add to the college advice!

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