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  • As a leading partner in education, Mentoring Minds provides affordable effective learning tools designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed with a focus on development of critical thinking skills. However, the company provides more than educational tools for the classroom as they also want to prepare students for life outside of school.

  • So, you’re going to college… Congratulations! You have graduated from childhood, tween, teen, puberty and are now running smack into semi-adulthood. You have survived high school (hopefully) unscathed and are now preparing to start your college education. The beauty about being in college is that you are already adult enough to make your own choices but still young enough to think that having a family and a proper job (or jobs) is light years away. But you do have to start making adult choices, starting with…

  • Twitter is an ever-evolving resource, and one that’s come a long way from its relatively humble beginnings in 2006. Originally designed purely for people to update their status with what they were doing through an SMS text message, the social media microblog has since morphed into a massive multimedia platform for the media, politics and, slowly but surely, education as well.

  • Technology makes receiving updates from friends, blogs, and social media sites easy and instant. However, constantly checking your text messages, incoming emails, and social media updates can seriously cut into your study time. Create boundaries for yourself and technology, and stick to them. Keep your phone on vibrate or silent when you are working and studying, or create a schedule for when you will check your updates, and how long you will allot during each technology check in.

  • Tourism is a significant part of every economy, providing lots of jobs to various professionals, both directly and indirectly. Modern technologies, globalization and cheap transport have during the last few years promoted the idea of visiting foreign lands. A career in tourism can mean many things – that’s why tourism is a great choice for those who like to learn new things, explore different cultures, write captivating travel books or entertain people. Here are some practical tips on how to launch your career in tourism.

  • If you are seeking a position with a local, state or federal government, a degree in political science is a good starting point to find a position. However, it is not necessary to only study political science as other degrees that are related to political science can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain a job in governmental agencies as well. Here are a few degrees to get your career started.