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  • Before you start reading, let’s just get this out of the way: college still isn’t free. To get an education, you need to pay an arm and a leg. Almost literally. Millions of college-age students around the world can’t afford higher education, and yet prices keep skyrocketing. Feeling angry? I don’t blame you. Lucky for you, there’s a way to rebel against those expensive universities, save some money and most importantly, get the education you need. How?

  • If you’re pursuing an online engineering degree or any other technical degree program, you’re likely to find a variety of new classroom training styles that are unique, but much more efficient in comparison to traditional methods. Technology is changing everything from how we interact with friends to how education systems are teaching students. Different types of leaning modules are being developed and the ones used today are still being critiqued on how effective they are. Two of these strategies stand out from the rest and are now enjoying widespread use.

  • Congratulations on your degree! What are you going to do now? Get a job and work for a while? Go travelling? What about getting your master’s degree? But, if you’re like me, you probably have a lot of debt from student loans and think that you can’t really afford going back to school. On the contrary, there is a way you can pursue a master’s without breaking your bank, an online master’s program. Below are some things to think about before completely ruling out getting a master’s degree, as well as some of the benefits of doing an online program.

  • Science is probably the last thing you want to talk about when you have a buzz, but hear us out. As you crack open a cold one — we hope it’s cold, because Busch Light doesn’t taste so good when it’s warm — there’s more happening than the party around you. There’s also a party happening inside of your liver.

  • Are you considering a study abroad program in France? While living and attending university in France is an exciting prospect, planning this adventure can be a daunting process. There are many questions that loom… How do I budget for my time as a student in France? Where will I live and with whom? What exactly are my student accommodation options?

  • I have always believed that writing an essay should not be too difficult; it could not be compared to writing a book for example or some scientific research. Thus, when I received my task to write an essay about jazz history, I felt that I would not face any problems with doing it. I had doubts as for the delivery term, but then I thought that four day should be enough for me. One the first day I was busy and I planned to start writing on the second day.

  • Every student has a great number of educational problems, because he has to complete many assignments simultaneously and hand in them on time. Very often students lose their temper or become so exhausted, that they decide to purchase their homework papers in the Internet and save time for other assignments. This decision is quite smart, because one is able to have his essay or term paper written by an expert for money. Moreover, the quality of this text will be much better and he will receive higher score for it.