Top 10: Best Apps for College Students

Article by Ian Kar

Smartphone operating systems like iPhone and Droid are drastically changing the college experience for students everywhere. With popular apps like Twitter and Facebook, you can stay connected with your friends and the news around the world at all times, and play games like Temple Run when you’re bored in class. Here is a list of the most useful apps for college students:

Social Media and Games


Instagram is becoming one of the most popular photo-sharing apps because of how simple it is and the fact that you can send it to Facebook, Twitter, or many other social media sites almost instantly. What makes Instagram unique is the customizable filters that you can use to make your pictures stand out. You’re photos will look sexy on your phone, and even better on iPad, which you should consider getting if you’re still without one. With Instagram, anyone can take artsy pictures that make them look like a photographer for National Geographic.

Temple Run-Free

One of the most popular games in the App Store, Temple Run is not only easy to play but severely addicting. Essentially a test of reflexes, the goal is to swipe, turn, jump, and slide to collect more coins for perks like invisibility and power boost. Visually, the graphics are spectacular and the game runs very smoothly.

Draw Something- Free

The artistic rival of Words with Friends, Draw Something is an app that lets you play with friends by drawing various objects and having them guess what it is. The object of the game is to get the most “turns” in which you or your partner guess the object correctly. Currently the number one paid and free app in the iTunes app store, it helps you find friends to play with via Facebook. With no drawing expertise required, Draw Something is a really easy game to play at your own pace.


gFlash+ – Free or $3.99

gFlash is an app that students can use to create their own flashcards to help them prepare for exams. With gFlash, you can either create the flashcards from scratch or use Google Docs to create them, saving a lot of time so you can study more. The Pro option gives you access to over 50 million sets of flashcards from websites like Quizlet and StudyStack so that you can start studying immediately. So the next time you make flashcards, think about making them on your phone with gFlash so you can study anytime, anywhere, you want.

Evernote- Free or Monthly $4.99

The premier note-taking app on the iPhone, Evernote syncs text, pdf’s, pictures, and web pages so that students can see them on their phone or computer. View your class notes on your phone, take a picture of someone’s notes if you missed class and view them on your computer, or make a running grocery list for when you finally decide to go to the supermarket (or send it to your parents), Evernote can be immensly useful for a college student. The best thing about Evernote is that you can download it on your computer and create an account with Evernote so that anything you do on your phone or computer gets saved on their server. Evernote is a great app for people on the go and like to have everything they need to remember at their fingertips.

iStudiez- Free or $2.99

iStudiez is an app that lets you outline your class schedule so that you never forget what classes you have on which day, or where they are. In addition, iStudiez also let you keep track of your GPA and lets you keep track of your assignments. For those of you who don’t have iOS5 and Reminders (a similar app on the iPhone 4s that comes built in), and are a little disorganized and overwhelmed keeping track of your deadlines, this app is a must have.

Graphing Calculator-$1.99

Graphing calculators can be really expensive, and for many liberal arts majors you don’t really need them more than once or twice a semester, if that. Now, with Graphing Calculator, you can have a graphing calculator on your smartphone so not only will you never forget it the one time you do need it, but you won’t be breaking the bank either. The best thing is that you can send a screen shot of your work to yourself via email in case you forget the calculations when exam time comes.


Lose It-Free

Watching your weight and health is sometimes forgotten for many colleges students. Lose It helps you monitor your caloric intake for those you who are trying to lose weight before the summer. Easy to use, Lose It helps you create an ideal caloric intake and helps calculate if you are over or under the number. Lose it records what you eat each day, how many calories were in it, and aides the process by making the foods you eat searchable and sorted into different categories, like foods previous eaten, and brand name foods. Also, it measures the amount of calories burned via exercising to create the sum of the calories ingested over the day and if you were over or under the mark set for you to lose weight. Maintain a healthy lifestyle in college can be difficult, but Lose It makes it a lot easier.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock- $0.99

Between late night parties and all night study sessions, sleep is a rare commodity in college. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock monitors your sleeping patterns through the accelerometer in the iPhone to help find out the best time to activate your alarm, during the lightest sleep phase. By doing so, you wake up completely refreshed and relaxed. There are two keys to this app: first, you have to be able to place it on your bed so that the phone can monitor the movement (how restless your sleep is). Second, there is a 30 minute window for the alarm to set off, so be sure to set it accordingly. When you’re sleep deprived in college, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will help you wake up refreshed and ready for the day instead of tired and exhausted.

Article by Ian Kar

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2 thoughts on “Top 10: Best Apps for College Students

  1. I’m definitely going to have to try Instagram and the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app. I like to take notes on my iPad but love watching videos even more. I use the DISH Remote Access app from my employer, DISH, to watch my favorite TV shows and the YouTube app to watch how-to and funny videos. The best part about the DISH app is that with the Sling Adapter, it lets me watch live TV. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. These are definitely good suggestions, and I have pretty much every one of them on my iPhone! Can I also recommend Fruit Ninja for a game, and for productivity, some kind of checklist app? These apps are great for passing time and for keeping up with things you need to do, since things can be forgotten and there's nothing like walking into class forgetting all about that test you should have studied for.


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