10 Reasons To Go Greek

22 February 2012

Greek life is probably the most important aspect of social life at College. At a smaller school, Greek life is almost essential for people who aren’t affiliated with other groups, like sports teams or school clubs.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are ten reasons why joining a fraternity or sorority will improve your college experience:

1. Social Events

While social events aren’t the most important part of Greek life, they certainly are a major reason why many people decide to go Greek. For guys, being in a fraternity means that there will always be a party during the weekend.

Weekends for sorority girls mean mixers with guys from different organizations/fraternities. And, of course, there are the end-of-semester formals, which are usually the most extravagant parties of the semester.

2. Leadership Opportunities
In a fraternity or a sorority, there are dozens of opportunities to run for a position within your organization and Greek life in general at your university. Every fraternity and sorority has their own executive board and different committees, each of which have their own chairman.

At many schools, there are governing organizations consisting of people from different fraternities so that they can enhance Greek life on campus. Greek life can really help you gain experience in leadership.

3. Friendships

Brotherhood or sisterhood play a large role in fraternities or sororities. While many people say being in a Greek organization can limit what kind of people you hang out with or that you’re “buying your friends,” I think its quite the opposite.

Being in a Greek organization helps you meet people that you might not normally mix with, like upperclassmen and people from other organizations (see number 4 and 10), and branching out (see number 8). There are bound to be people with similar interests, whether it be playing video games or fratting out 24/7. Greek life forges a bond between its members that can last a lifetime.

4. Meeting People From Other Organizations
Meeting people from other organizations is another fun aspect of Greek life. Mixers are one of the main ways new members from fraternities and sororities meet each other and can be insanely fun. Some fraternities or sororities also have mixers with sports teams and other school clubs.

Also, you can meet people through philanthropic and community service events sponsored by your fraternity or sorority. Meeting new people is an important part of college and, by going Greek, it is a lot easier to do so.

Greek life forges lifetime bonds

5. Alumni
Relations with alumni are important for Greek organizations. Not only are they great guys (or girls), but they are also donate to their fraternity or sorority, can be on an Alumni Board, which oversees the entire fraternity and communicates through the executive board, and can be helpful when you’re about to graduate and are trying to find a job.

6. Off Campus Housing
The appeal of off campus housing and living in a fraternity or sorority house is another reason many people decide to join a Greek organization.

Housing is one of the biggest problems in college and Greek housing is a great alternate. With spacious living arraignments and living with all of your friends, living in a fraternity or sorority house is quite popular. And, of course, its always easier to pick up girls when your room is only a flight of stairs away.

7. Community Service
Community service is a big part of being in a Greek organization. Many fraternities and or sororities have mandatory community service programs that help the local community, whether it be helping at a food shelter or donating gifts to children during Christmas.

Community service helps you and your chapter get recognized both by the school and locally, and helping people less fortunate leads to good karma.

8. Branching Out
For freshman in particular, it can be hard to branch out from your hall/dorm. In your first few weeks in college and you’ve become really good friends with everyone in your hall. But, by going Greek, you meet new people, even in your own year, that you haven’t met before. Greek life helps you meet people on your own campus that you might not have met otherwise and can help you have friends beyond your dorm.

9. Resume Building
Greek life can be an integral part of a resume for someone who has limited experience in other fields. By listing the positions you have held on your resume, you are showing a future employer you have great communication skills and an ability to work with other people, both of which are necessary when involved in Greek life at a leadership capacity.

By joining a fraternity or sorority, you have the opportunity to add to your resume while helping your organization. Fun Facts: Since 1825, all but 2 US President have been Greek and the two female justices of the Supreme Court were in sororities.

10. Getting to Know Upperclassmen
As a freshman, its hard to meet upperclassmen; not only are they intimidating, but they are also not easily accessible if you are living in a freshman dorm.

By joining a Greek organization, its easier to meet older students and learn a lot from them. From which classes and professors are easier to which sorority has the hottest girls, upperclassmen have a lot of wisdom to impart.

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  1. Sometimes certain words just provide a window into my soul. Thank you so much for putting the honest truth out there <3 PS, I heard you're only 1 flight of stairs away 😉

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