Honest College Top-10s: Tips Fo Ya Daily Productivity


By: Narayguy (founder)

So, you wanna feel productive. Doesn’t everyone?

Why didn’t you feel productive yesterday? Well, maybe you forgot to do 1 or all 10 of these things. Check yaself.

1) Do obnoxious tasks first, don’t let them cloud your mind.

2) Pick the low-hanging fruit (the easy tasks) next.

3) Now that the ball’s rolling, do something you know you’re gonna be glad about at the enda the day. Something BIG.
You know what it is.

4) Okay, so 3 down, now apply to a job. Even if you got a good day job, always look forward. Someone’s probly lookin’ to snatch yours up anyways.

5) Take a nap, better off sleeping for an hour than bein’ a sloth all day.

6) Shoot off 3 emails, like the kind you’ve been neglecting. Don’t edit those puppies, just write and press SEND.

7) Get some coffee.

8) Call ya Mom.

9) Check ya finances.

10) Plan for tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Honest College Top-10s: Tips Fo Ya Daily Productivity

  1. I used to edit all my emails, then realized that no one really cares about perfection. If you spend more than an hour a day on emails, you're wasting time. Now its pretty typical for me to launch them off with typos 😉 guess there's a balance needed to be found!

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