HC Top-10s: Things to do Before Morning Class

Ahhh your alarm goes off, and you awake in horror.

“I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO TODAY.” All you want to do is roll over, cozzy-up like a kitten, and sleep until noon.

Well, you can’t. You’re going to college for a reason. What it is may still be unclear, but you ought to at least get to class. Here’s a Top-10 from Honest College that might help you look forward to the morning, or at least be efficient with it and hate it less. Here goes, start at #10 if you’re feeling bold:
  1. Wake up the person lying next to you…even if you don’t totally recognize them, you owe them at least a meager goodbye. If you’re nice, drive them home.
  2. Coffee….make it, don’t buy it. Unless you hate your money. Iced coffee works better for some to jumpstart the day, and it’s more refreshing. Bring it to class, or the library, everyone’s doing it.
  3. Shower, if you went out the night before….you probably smell. And if you were out the night before, you smell like any number of these things: booze, cigarettes, marijuana, and greasy food. Just because you can’t smell the cheap beer evaporating out of you and the smoke in your hair, doesn’t mean your teachers can’t. Axe can substitute, but don’t try this more than two days in a row. Gross. 
  4. Sunglasses….you know you forget them a lot, but when it’s extra sunny and you’re extra hungover these babies come in handy.
  5. Computer time…see what your so called friend did to your Facebook profile. You don’t want those pics or that awkward status up all day. Brief email check doesn’t hurt.
  6. Chug water…just a good idea at all times really. You’ll be happier after you do it and taking a pee mid-class really breaks up the time.
  7. Read or watch something funny. Hulu used to be good, YouTube, maybe a Dilbert cartoon. Just something to get the juices flowing.
  8. Do your homework. If you didn’t do it at the library the night before.
  9. Think about the coming night’s plans. So when the sorority girls approach you asking you’ll have an answer and not seem like a space-cadet.
  10. Play a prank on your sleeping roommates or dorm-mates. Be nice, but not too nice. Propping things up on them is always a good one.

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