Why College Students Should Start Investing Now: 4 People Who Have Made a Fortune Through Investing

This is a guest post by Amanda Brown.

Many people have tried their hand at investing, and sadly many of them fail, losing their savings and giving up, thinking the task is simply a get-rich-quick venture. However, there are countless people who have come ahead in their investments, and numerous who have made it big after learning the ins and outs of the practice. If you’re interested in investing, then take your advice from the following four individuals who all made a fortune through investing.

1. Donald Trump

Image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore

As one of the most well-known men in America, many people recognize Donald Trump from the reality show The Apprentice, but he made his billions from investing in real estate. He earned his economics degree after attending Fordham University and then the University of Pennsylvania. After he graduated, he began working for his father’s company, The Trump Organization. Since then, he has become the president and chairman of his father’s company and has explored various other business adventures including investing in hotels and other properties. Trump is now worth almost $3 billion.

2. Nicolas Darvas

Nicolas Darvas was a dancer, author, and most importantly, a self-taught investor. Originally born in Hungary in 1920, Darvas studied economics at the University of Budapest. After touring as a dancer with his sister, Darvas decided to take a stab at the stock market. During his initial venture, he made a small fortune and indulged further, ultimately making over $2 million in a year and a half, which lead to his book, How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market. After investing in other fields, such as real estate and fashion, Nicolas Darvas died a wealthy man in 1977.

3. Ken Fisher

Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments founder and CEO, is an author, columnist, and investor who has received countless awards throughout his years as a businessman. For example, Investment Advisor named Fisher one of the 30 most influential people in the field over the past three decades, and he received the Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Award for “Outstanding Article”. Worth nearly $2 billion, Fisher graduated from Humbolt State University with an economics degree. In 1979, he started his own company that works with investor accounts from across the world.

4. Warren Buffett

As the second richest man in America right after Bill Gates, Warren Buffett is truly an amazing investor. Worth over $53 billion, Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a company that manages other subsidiary companies, including GEICO, Dairy Queen, Helzberg Diamonds, and several other well-known brands. Buffett graduated with a bachelor’s of arts and science from the University of Nebraska and earned his masters of Science from Columbia University. His investing career began with stocks, but he later expanded into purchasing entire companies of which he now owns.

While some of these investors are more well-known than others, it’s clear that if one acquires the proper training and knows the proper industries to invest in, you can make a huge fortune. But these investors are just the tip of the iceberg; countless other individuals have become incredibly wealthy through investing.

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