4 Ways Smart Technology Can Make Your College Experience Better

The classic college experience is a hodgepodge of events, relationships, accomplishments, and failures. College is when you push your independence, build a professional network, and mold a career. But while you’re enrolled, don’t overlook the importance of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Adulting is mandatory for a successful college experience. Bad roommates, lack of sleep, and low cash flow are all small things that make a big difference.

Therefore, manage the things you need to do so they don’t suck time from the things you want to do. Smart tech is an effective way to do that. Here are four ways smart technology can help make your college experience better.

1. Saving Money and the Planet

High utility bills during college cut down on your disposable income. The higher your electric bill, the less cash you have for clothes, books, and entertainment. Lower your utility bill by following common energy saving tips. Then lower it further by using smart devices like these in your dorm room, apartment, or house:

  • Smart lights —  Control these lights with your smartphone via an app. Turn lights off and on from anywhere, or adjust their brightness to save energy.
  • Smart plugs —  Connect your appliances to these plugs to identify big energy users. Program lights to turn off and on when you want them, or control electrical devices with your smartphone.
  • Leak detectors — Get alerts about drips and floods. Save on water bills and put your landlord on notice that a repair is needed.
  • Smart security — Keep yourself and your property safe. Live stream smart cameras in your home. Use security systems that will text you when there’s a break-in.
  • 2. Delivering Personal Assistants

  • Around 39 million U.S. adults now own a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. And some universities are even installing smart speakers in dorm rooms. These gadgets act as helpful personal assistants for studying, managing time, and entertaining.Use smart speakers to answer basic questions like “When does the library close?” or “What episode of Black Mirror had those robot dogs?” If you have trouble reading or are just tired, have your smart speaker read you an audiobook. Or use it to play a song list while you study, do yoga, or meditate. And smart speakers can do quick arithmetic, check the weather, or set an alarm.  
  • 3. Finding the Perfect Roommate

  • Whether it’s the chronic late-rent-payer or the guy-who-never-cleans-up, bad roommates can destroy your college experience. To solve this problem, students and universities are using roommate apps to match students with the best bunkmates. After answering a questionnaire, the app’s algorithm crunches your data to find matches based on lifestyle, languages, hobbies, study habits, and other criteria. Some apps even do simple background checks on prospects and can alert you to potential problems before they sign the lease.
  • 4. Getting Better Sleep

  • Sleep deprivation affects your health and your academics. All-night cram sessions and parties that last until dawn are a couple of reasons why up to 60% of college students suffer from poor-quality sleep. But today’s smart sleep tech is big business, and there are loads of gadgets to keep you in dreamland:
  • Smart pillows —  These pillows regulate your body temp, track your sleep patterns, stream music, and turn off your bedroom lights.
  • Wearables — Identify why you’re not sleeping well. Wearables can track breathing interruptions, room temperatures, and diagnose the type of insomnia you have.
  • Sleep lighting — Intelligent lighting that uses different light intensities and colors to mimic sunrise and sunset and keep your circadian rhythm on track.
  • Sleep robots — Use “guided breathing” to help insomniacs slow down their breathing, relax, and fall asleep.


These four categories of tech gadgets help lower your stress and keep you safe and healthy. But there are plenty of other smart tech aids for academic success, like note taking apps and composition aids. Use the entire range of smart tech to make your college experience a 4.0.


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