5 Key Tips For Getting Recruited After College

March 26th 2012

Life is all about transitions. One of the most difficult transitions is from college to work. The best way to jump into the employment pool is to just simply jump in. There’s no easy way into it, it’s a matter of gritting your teeth, biting your lip, and getting down to business.

In order to smooth the shift from school to work, the idea is to get recruiters running after you. Here are 5 ways you can make yourself a job magnet and get recruited after college:

5. Get Your Name Out There

Want to get noticed? Make a name for yourself. Sign up for competitions, activities, or events related to your field of interest and do your best to gain some recognition in them. Your name might get placed in the school or local paper, somewhere recruiters might see it. Be adventurous; don’t be afraid to take a chance. There’s no harm in trying, but there is harm in not trying.

4. Establish an Online and Social Presence

Stay active in your community and recruiters may take notice, especially if you are doing something in your field. Establish an online following, through Twitter, LinkedIn or your very own blog where your expertise and experience can become public knowledge. When recruiters see how active you are, they will not hesitate to hire you.

You can read some solid guidelines about how recent grads can use LinkedIn and Twitter to jumpstart their job hunt.

3. Apply Early

Just because your life of employment begins on the day you graduate does not mean that it is the day you start applying. It sometimes takes months for businesses to consider your application, so make sure to apply in advance. This is very normal, so don’t think it will come off as presumptuous.

2. Get Advice/Recommendations from Professors

Professors are there to help you. If you have a professor that you have a good relationship with, he or she can easily vouch for you when you apply to a company in their field. A good relationship with your professor is something that you will not regret in the future.

1. Take Your Internship/Practicum Seriously

For most people, internship or practicum work can feel unfulfilling, but it can actually be a huge help in getting your foot in the door of employment. The point is to set your sights on an organization you imagine yourself working for one day. Apply for an internship at your dream job. Who knows? You might get an offer to work there as soon as you graduate.

Internships are an excellent way of understanding the inner dynamics of business. From getting first-hand experience in your field to understanding what it takes to score high on a performance review by Halogen software or similar programs, the core of your learning experience will be in the questions you ask and the risks that you take.

Transitioning into the working world may seem daunting, but as long as you stay confident and do your best, you have nothing to worry about.

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