5 Tips: How to Present Yourself to an MBA Admissions Committee


People are stepping up in this day and age and education is one of the first to be tackled. Gone are the days when you could get a great job with a Bachelor’s Degree. Having an MBA is a great way to secure better employment. For some reason, we put having an MBA so high on the ladder of achievable goals. This should be undone. You can get your MBA but you will have to stand out amongst the crowd. Read carefully through the MBA entry requirements and submit your application. You have nothing to lose and if you are prepared, you can impress the admissions committee.

  1. Your application

Of course this will be the most important way of impressing the committee. This is before they even have the chance to meet you. Your admission for MBA should knock them off their feet and make it feel like they already know you. If you are serious about getting an MBA then this has to become the most important thing in your life. You can even hire an MBA admissions consultant to advise you on how to get it right the first time. You do what you have to do in order to gain access into the program.


  1. Ask questions

Not just any questions. Ask questions to showcase your mind. Make them realise how intelligent you are and show them your worthiness of gaining access to this program. Let the questions be about topics your committee is passionate about. Challenge them with the way you rationalise. This will have them show you more respect and probably remember you after you leave the room.

  1. Research

Do not go unprepared. Show the committee this is a serious situation for you and you will do what it takes. Researching the program and talking about what you already know could gain you lots of points. They might even ask you general questions to test your knowledge. You do not want to be the person with an “I just got slapped” face. Cover the basic topics and then delve a little deeper in order to cover as much as possible.

  1. Presentation

We all know that we should not be judged by our appearance. Unfortunately this is not a decision up to us. People will judge you on your image and the way you present yourself. Rocking up at your interview with uncombed hair and dirty clothes will have any individual turn their heads away. You do not have to walk in there with the fanciest clothes and fabulous hairstyle. No, you have to present yourself in a neat and organised way. Do not let the committee assume you are lazy and disorganised.

  1. Be yourself

If you try hard to pretend to be someone else, something’s going to go wrong. Sometimes you just forget to pretend and the real you comes out. Be yourself and impress the committee with your witty sense of humour. You want to get into the program but you want the committee to accept you for who you are. There might be something in you they like and approve your application. There is no specific way a MBA student should behave so just be yourself.

It may seem like a mountain in from of you when you decide to do you MBA but do not fear. You are great enough to get into the program. Follow the tips we’ve given you to give you a better chance of getting into the MBA program of your choice. The first step is to apply and now is a good time to do it. You got this.


Mary Thompson works as a content manager and an active guest post writer and she writes useful tips and informative articles for MBA applicants to make their admission easier. Mary`s hobby is reading and writing. In future she dreams of starting her own blog and become a famous blogger.

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  1. The most important as you outlined is the application that students fill for acquiring admission in MBA programs. It portrays your calibre to the committee on board for selection of students. The way you address questions here and list out answers plays an eminent role in your selection procedure. Great share!

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