Reputation Kung Fu: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Online Presence

This is a guest post by senior content publisher Amanda Brown.

Maintaining a positive reputation online is a difficult task. But in order to actually make the most of your online presence, you’re going to need a particular set of skills. Here are 5 ways to maximize your online presence, each modeled after one of the avatars that reign over the Internet: the Bluebird, the Bookworm, the Monkey, the Panda, and the Mighty Eagle.

To truly understand the essence of the Bluebird, you have to consider what the Bluebird does best; it sings, and beautifully, but it does so to mark its territory. By composing engaging and relevant tweets, you’ll expand your follower base. Keep the flow positive by ignoring or rapidly neutralizing negative comments, but don’t get caught up in a battle. Bluebirds don’t fight well — instead, just keep singing.

The Bookworm is a slow, careful animal that can be hugely effective given time. Facebook is about building a movement, not making a splash. By posting relevant, positive, engaging, and sharable facts and links, you’ll build your list of people who interact with your content regularly.

It’s also a great place to mine data and control your reputation on your own terms, according to’s CEO & Founder Michael Fertik. The longer your list of followers gets, the more impact each of your posts will have. so think carefully about each post before you make it: will it improve your standing in their eyes, or not?

The Monkey is the smartest of the Internet’s avatars, and blogs are among the most versatile of the weapons in the social media arsenal. A blog is able to direct backlinks to the pages you value most, drawing ‘Likes’ and ‘Pins’ visa social media buttons. It also can expand your traffic funnel, and give you a place to be a thought leader about industry relevant issues. Truly, having a regularly updated blog is one of the fundamentals of social supremacy.

The Panda may seem passive, but beware: without this black-and-white beast on your side, you have little support for anything else you do. Content is the basis of all of your social media, period. If you don’t have something that you can link to and say “This is superlative,” you don’t have the basis for interaction. Creating amazing content is the background activity that fuels everything else you do…so get good at it.

The Mighty Eagle is often seen soaring far and wide over vast amounts of terrain, making itself seen by thousands of roaming, mobile eyes. In today’s social environment, apps are becoming popular enough that learning the Fist of the Mighty Eagle will almost certainly be a necessity (if it isn’t already). Yelp, Foursquare, Vine, Roost, FlipBoard — if you do not yet know these things, become familiar; they are the future of mobile social marketing.

These five ways to maximize your online presence are your weapons. The Internet is your arena. Begin!

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