5 Ways Technology Can Help You Ace the GMAT

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is a 3.5 hour-long computer test that determines your reasoning, writing, verbal and quantitative skills at a graduate school level. Graduate schools refer to applicants’ GMAT scores to determine if the student has potential to do well in their program. Schools may also compare the applicant’s undergraduate GPA to the GMAT to check for consistencies.

Typical programs that require this test include business programs that offer a master’s degree in business administration, finance or accountancy. To prepare for this test, many students depend on technology such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

1. Always on Hand:

As technology develops, we find ourselves having constant access to it. You probably never leave your house without your smartphone, so use this to your advantage. Download general study apps that can help you study for the GMAT, such as a flash card maker. For some students, typing stuff out helps them memorize it better. Type in potential GMAT vocabulary, grammar skills and math equations, then use the flash cards over and over to help you determine what you need to focus studying on.

2. Study-specific Apps:

Some apps available on smartphones and tablets are specifically designed to help students study for the GMAT. These apps test your grammar skills, knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure skills, reading comprehension and problem solving skills, among other topics. Use apps like this when you have down time, such as during a lunch break or while traveling using public transportation.

3. Time Yourself:

Use your smartphone’s timer setting to time yourself while taking practice exams. During the GMAT, you have 30 minutes for the writing section, 30 minutes for the reasoning section, 75 minutes for the verbal section and 75 minutes for the quantitative section. You should be comfortable with typing out an essay in 30 minutes, as well as answering multiple choice questions when under time pressure.

4. Online Courses:

Online prep courses, such as Barron’s GMAT Prep, provide a variety of study content for GMAT takers. Content like video lessons, personalized prep plans and step-by-step problem solutions are available to users who are taking the test for the first time or are looking to improve their score from a previous exam. Users can typically access these prep courses via their computer, tablet or smartphone.

5. GMAT eBooks:

On the drive to work or when you’re exercising at the gym, listen to a GMAT eBook study guide. When you don’t have the time to read, listening to a book is the next best thing. Listening to a study guide, in combination with writing out flash cards and doing practice tests, will help you prepare for the GMAT.

It is important to prepare for the GMAT, since many graduate programs determine your potential as a student based on how you perform on this exam. When preparing for the GMAT by using technology like smartphones, tablets and computers, you have many study methods at your disposal. From online prep courses to apps that help you study, you’re bound to find a method of studying that will help you ace the GMAT.

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