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Article by Halley Bass

College students have always been a key customer for Adobe. In particular, students pursuing a master of fine arts degree or newly declared art and design underclassmen form a significant “core” audience.

However, there is also a large group of students that make up “non-core” Adobe users, or those students who are not designers but still want to create quality presentations and designs.  Adobe gets the idea that software companies are catching onto today:  If students start using their brand in college, they are likely to become lifelong customers.

Because the student audience has a varying attitude for Adobe, and its experiences with the brand range from basic knowledge of just Photoshop to the full suite of products, Adobe has the challenge of generating the awareness and interest needed to get students to trial their product to see for themselves what Adobe can do for them!  (<–background info)

This is where the Real or Fake Facebook app comes in!  To get students excited for the full release of Creative Suite 6 and the launch of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud offering, Adobe has created a really cool applicationcalled “Real or Fake” that is posted on Adobe Students Facebook Page.

Real or Fake is an online game where visitors select whether a series of images are the real deal or whether they have been doctored. If the image was “fake”, visitors can learn how it was faked using Adobe products.   Each week, students are presented with a new set of five images with the opportunity to guess whether they are real or fake.

Last year, Adobe launched the Real or Fake app and it was such big hit that this is the second year they are doing it.    This year there are some new changes to the application.  For example, images will be themed with things in life that help students express their creativity and passion.  There will also be some surprise “real or fake” videos in the mix.

The game is only designed for six weeks, and we are already in the second week, so hurry to check it out!  Visit here to play now!


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