Debunking America’s Diets (Honest Infographics)

This is a post by your founder Greg Narayan.

It’s not often that I stop and think about the foods I’m eating. The chaos of college life, then real adult life, is always spinning and there’s just no time to stop and think. It’s eat, enjoy, go and that’s it

But as you might have realized, in the midst of all this our diets and other food preconditions can go 100% out the window.

I mean really: hotdogs, burnt bagels, poptarts and french fries for a meal? We probably never thought this would be our diet as wee little kids. Then again, we had no idea what to expect in this adult realm.

So, what I’ve done in this post is found an infographic by the health-conscious folks at RetroFitMe that introduces you to a few popular diets. This infographic is the bees knees, it knows you’re skeptical and honestly why wouldn’t you be?

So it includes some good analysis on which diets to follow and why based on what you might want out of your meals. Check it out, enjoy, and try to fit some time in for the gym today (because that makes your fries-meal more justifiable, of course).

Via: RetrofitMe

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