Freshman 15: 6 Unique Ways to Avoid Weight Gain When Entering College

Regardless of popular belief, the unfortunate “Freshman 15” is preventable. Many kids fall victim to those extra pounds during their first college year because they aren’t actively trying to maintain their pre-college figures.

With pizza, Ramen Noodles, and Easy Mac as dietary staples, it doesn’t take long for the pounds to pile on. Suggesting that students eat healthfully and frequent the gym is easier said than done. Here are some less generic tips for the incoming college freshmen.

1. Boycott The Dining Halls

We’re not advising that you picket you college’s cafeteria. However, eating regularly at the dining hall isn’t wise. Truth be told, most colleges don’t stress nutrition with their pricey meal plans.

The buffets are loaded with simple carbohydrates as well as high caloric meats, sauces, salad dressings, and desserts. It’d take a well-informed freshman to identify the scarce healthy options. Instead, use your dorm’s kitchen and have fun preparing simple and healthy meals. You’ll be the coolest kid in the hall when you cook for new friends.

2. Hang Up Photos of Hotties

This may be a trick better received by the ladies. Hanging up a few Victoria’s Secret catalogue cutouts can keep you focused on achieving those svelte curves. Taping the cutout to your fridge or by your door will be a constant reminder to practice healthy habits.

3. Eat All Day Long

Eating 5-6 small meals a day is an excellent way to keep your metabolism going strong. Many students will get too caught up having fun or studying and will forget to eat for hours. When they finally pick up a fork, they gorge.

Keep healthy and satisfying snacks in your desk, backpack/purse, and car. Eat when you’re hungry but just enough to fulfill your craving. This easy trick will prevent overeating with any one meal.

4. Earn College Credit With Exercise

Whether you’re attending Harvard for a degree in Biology or working towards a Business Management degree at Potomac College, you can take elective classes. Most schools offer several types of fitness classes. Sign up for one every semester and earn college credit while burning calories.

5. Monitor Your Fluid Intake

Let’s face it. With zero parental supervision, many students start drinking alcohol during their first college year. The average beer boats 150 calories and few students will stop at just one. A night of partying can quickly turn into a 1000-calorie indulgence.

If you’re going to drink, be mindful of the quantity and calories. Opt for light beers or clear liquors mixed with tonic water. Drink a bottle of water for every drink and sip those beverages slowly.

6. Decorate Your Dorm Room With Dumbbells

It’s not always convenient to walk or drive to the college gym. On those days that you’re dragging you can pick up lift weights in your room. With a mat and a few sets of dumbbells, you can achieve a great workout from the comforts of home.

With the excitement of independence, most kids will focus on having fun rather than practicing healthy habits. Steering clear of the notorious freshman 15 is possible. With just a little dedication and smart choices, keeping your weight down won’t be an issue at all.

This is a guest post by Anthony Alexander.

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