Back to School Apps That’ll Blow Your College Mind

education appsThis is a guest post by our friends at College Candy.

College and smart phones are today’s PB&J: they just go together. So whether you’ve moved in already or still have a few weeks to go, I’ve got you covered with the apps you need to succeed. College is four years of a good time, but it is also four years of stress! Organization that fits in your pocket is a lifesaver, and thanks to technology, life is about to get a hell of a lot easier. Check out the nine apps you need ASAP, below!

iStudiez ProThis will be the best spent $0.99 of your college career (do not go for the wings, honey, you will regret those later). This technological assistant keeps track of your courses, lectures, due dates, and GPA. It also sorts assignments by priority and synchs with your Mac products! Own this semester, girl!

This free app is great for the student with grade-reliant scholarships, and grade obsessive students like myself. It shows you what you need to get on assignments, tests, and finals to get your ideal grade. What is better than that?! It also keeps track of due dates and has a built in GPA calculator!

Check out the other amazing, college-life-saving apps over at College Candy!

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