Don’t Let Your Online Reputation Keep You From Your Dream Job

This is a guest post by senior content publisher Amanda Brown.

A lot happens in college that should stay in college. Unfortunately, students allow their beer bong photos to make it onto Facebook, which leads to them popping up in Google searches. Don’t let one night of fun in school keep you from a dream job. Here are tips to get your social reputation in line with your dreams.

Keeping your reputation clean during college is the best way to land a dream job. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Sensor Tags: Un-tag yourself from any image that shows you drinking, being physical with another person, or doing anything illegal. You won’t remember to delete these pictures years down the road.
  • Never Post Unflattering Images: Drinking shots will make you seem unprofessional. Never post a picture that couldn’t be framed on your desk.
  • Hide Your Name: Use privacy settings and fake names to keep yourself from being linked to unprofessional sites. Even sites that seem harmless like Reddit can put you off your guard enough that you might post an uncensored comment or two.
  • Sit With Mom: Imagine you are sitting with your mom while you are tweeting, posting, and sharing information. If she would scoff, then you should at least reconsider your social share.

If you already have a bad image online, then there are many ways to clean it up. Here are some of the best methods to repair your social black eyes.

Hire a Company

Reputation management companies know how to find the skeletons in your closet. Bessemer Venture Partners is one option. These experts know where to look and what to do to repair your image. From puke pictures to Girls Gone Wild comments, reputation managers can help you become squeaky-clean again.

Get Googling

Google yourself with keywords like “[profanity]” or “marijuana” to see if you have inappropriate posts. Imagine you are a potential employer: what would he or she be looking for in your pages? Clean up your social sites systematically, or wipe them clean by removing them.

Make a Contest of It

Encourage your friends and family to search all of your social pages. Tell them that anyone who finds something defaming or in bad taste will be given a free coffee. Having hundreds of eyes scanning posts the way a potential employer might is a great way to find cranky tweets.

Stuff Your Name

Create as many new profiles using your name as possible. Go to each budding new social network and sign up. Make sure these profiles are pure and nice. Also, post hundreds of pictures of yourself in professional attire using variations of your name as the title. All of these new results will push the old, bad results pages down in Google’s search results.

By preventing negative images and comments you can make sure you never get a bad reputation. However, if you already have issues, experts can repair your image. Be smart think of your dream job when you post or tweet, and you won’t have to worry about employers reviewing your social presence.

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