My Life as a Zombie Make Up Artist

Although makeup artistry has always been a major part of movie production, AMC’s popular TV dramatic series “The Walking Dead” seems to have drawn more attention to the art.

With companies now offering situational experiences such as zombie, vampire and werewolf experiences, people are becoming more interested in gaining employment as makeup artists.

Becoming a Makeup Artist

The life of a makeup artist is certainly never boring. As a matter of fact it is very exciting, but it is a hard and demanding work. This is true of the profession whether you work in TV, on runway models or the theatre, and whether you work part time or full time. The field is also challenging, erratic, extremely competitive and training can cost a pretty sum.

Those wishing to enter the profession will need a lot of practice, and will have to purchase a lot of kits. The products in the kit should be replaced on a regular basis, and should always be kept up to date. Working as a makeup artist for companies that offer situational experiences is similar to working in theatre. The work is fun but challenging, and you may not have a normal social life. The plus is that you will always be doing something you are good at and enjoy doing. You get to thrill people, make friends and develop your career.

Delivering the Desired Effects on Zombies

The Walking Dead would not be what it is without the detailed work of the makeup artists who worked on the characters. The makeup artistry is what really gave life and thrill to the series that has become so popular. People just cannot get the images out of their minds. What they see looks so real that they can’t help but scream and live the storyline by mentally taking on various roles. The makeup artists did well at delivering on the experience, and that is the reason people spend their money to get a real life experience of what they see on the screen.

The real life experience should never fall short of what the participants experienced while watching a movie or television show, and what they expect to get for their money. As the makeup artist, this responsibility falls on your shoulders. While the participants engage each other in the frightening, blood curdling screaming, walking dead and flesh eating activities, it must feel real. You must be able to deliver on great characters, great gory details and maintaining a great story line. An imbalance could throw off your work as the discrepancies may be obvious and take away from the experience.

Doing up the makeup takes some time with some characters being more intricate than others, but you still have to work within a certain timeframe. Doing up one character can take you up to an hour and a half. Special effects pieces such as dental pieces are essential to giving the characters that desired look. Without these creative components, your character just would not cut it in the ‘undead’ world.

Jack Harding has extensive experience in show-biz as a make-up artist for horror films. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on various blogs.

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