Beginners Guide: What Not to Do When Traveling in College

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

Traveling is undeniably one of the most exciting things to do. You get to enjoy and experience various activities in a given time and place. Not to mention the seeing and discovering new things while traveling. Perhaps, some of you may be thinking about the numerous things to do in Laguna Philippines or any travel destination you want to visit. Regardless of the place, to enjoy and have fun is your goal. What else?

However, you cannot achieve your goal if you do embarrassing things when you travel – may it be intentional or not. That means, there are also certain things to consider if you want to have a fun and unforgettable vacation. To give you an idea, we list down some things below that you as a traveler should avoid.

Don’t go on a trip if you have no money of your own.

This is one of the most obvious things you should never do. Money is essential whenever and wherever you go. The moment you decide to go on a trip, make sure you have enough budget for the entire duration of your stay. Think about how much you should be spending when it comes to your hotel stay. What about your gas or fare? Your food budget? And don’t forget about the souvenirs. Whether you agree with me on this or not, money is a significant factor to have an enjoyable trip.

Don’t expect special treatment.

Unless you are a well-known personality, going on a trip means you’re on your own. Locals may be hospitable towards you, but do not expect too much that you’ll receive special treatment from them. As a traveler, it is a must for you to have an idea about the place you’re visiting. At least know the basic background of that particular place. Perhaps, you can search for the their tourist spot. What kind of locals who are living in that particular place? What are their cultures? And anything that would give you an idea what place you are in.

Don’t go on a trip without a backup plan.

You may find unplanned trips adventurous and fun. However, this may put you to an unwanted situation and of course, headache. Although you do not wish something bad might happen, at least you are prepared for any cases of emergencies. When traveling, you should also think about what you should do if thieves get away with your bag, money, your passport or anything that is important to you. Or even think about the right person to contact when something’s wrong. Considering these things would give you an assurance that you can handle the situation well.

Don’t take your things for granted.

Nobody wants to experience unfortunates when traveling, right? As a traveler, it is your responsibility to look after your things. Before you go on a trip, make sure you know what things you need to pack, or how many bags you are going to bring. At least, you will know if there are any things you’ve lost while you travel. Moreover, try not to get carried away with the beautiful and amazing view of a particular tourist spot that you tend to take your things for granted. Put your stuff in a safe place for as not to have it lost.

Don’t stare at people or locals.

It is ok to stare – at the breathtaking views. But when it comes to people or locals living in that particular place, staring is a no-no. This gesture denotes as being rude or disrespectful towards them. And as a visitor or tourist, you do not want to piss them off. Although you may be attracted to somebody, try not to stare at them. You can glance, but not stare and have that suspicious look.

One purpose why we travel is to have fun and experience unforgettable moments. Just because you have the freedom to enjoy, that does not mean you have to act impulsively. As a traveler, you should also be mindful of your actions and decisions for as not to turn your happy trip into a nightmare.

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