The Perks of Joining College Organizations

There is more to college than studying, going to classes and submitting essays on time. These are four-five years of your life that you’ll be spending in one place so you need to make the most of it.

It is true that learning is the main reason while you are in college but “learning” is not confined inside the four walls of the classroom. Meeting new people and experiencing things you haven’t done before add up to the lessons and memories you are bound to remember about college in the future. With that in mind, joining an organization in college is a great way to experience all of that and more! From academic clubs, regional organizations or hobby-based groups; there is one or two out there that’s bound to suit your needs.

Here are a few more reasons why joining a college organization should be added to your bucket list while in college:

Trains/prepares you for work after college
Joining a college organization affords you the chance to experience loads of fun and exciting experiences, but it also requires a lot of work to commit yourself to one. Members must work together to keep the club afloat with activities, fund-raising initiatives and programs. As this can be too demanding to be handled by one leader, most organizations are divided into committees each with a specific task at hand (Finance, Publicity, Internal Relations, etc.) and a head to lead or delegate tasks. Working in an organization can thus be likened to working for a small office or company. You may not get paid for the work you are giving to your organization but the responsibilities and structure are quite similar. Given this fact, take this opportunity to serve your organization to hone your management and leadership skills which you can use when you finally get to the “real world”. Become an active member and get yourself involved in your club’s activities. Better yet, seek out a leadership position if you are up for it. When the time comes for you to seek employment, these experiences would make for an impressive resume content.

Hones one’s time management skills
Now that we have established that joining college organizations is a kind of work in itself, this next “perk” must be stressed. Balancing your academics with your org work can be a bit tricky, especially come finals time. It is possible to work on the two without sacrificing anything but it requires strict time management. This is where a great planner comes in handy. Learning what is important is key when prioritizing tasks but oftentimes multi-tasking is required. This is another great lesson that you can take with you when you graduate and start working professionally.

Meeting new people is an essential part of the college experience. Being away from home for perhaps the first time in your life, you have no choice but to get to know the people you’ll be working with during your stay at the university. It is important to note though that as a new young adult, thinking about the people you meet and what you can take away from their company is an important lesson of growing up. That’s where networking comes in. By joining an organization, you’ll be given loads of opportunities to meet folks who can help you in various means and ways. It can be as simple as meeting people who can help you choose which class or professor to enroll in, to those who can give you a spot at their company for your internship. Good referrals will come into play here as well.

On a more personal and instantly-gratifying level, joining an organization in college gives you a ready group of like-minded folks that you can depend on as you go through the ups and downs of university life! Org life is not just full of work and projects as most of it is actually spent on bonding with your orgmates at your club’s office or headquarters. These downtimes may seem nothing at first glance but a lot of friendships start from these free periods spent in between classes. The laughter, those little secrets, fun chats and banters shared between friends will comprise your college life’s most memorable moments. The relationships you make here now may turn into those life-long friendships that you will treasure until you are old and gray.

These are just a few reasons why joining an organization in college is so worth it. This article can go on and on about the benefits of college orgs but reading about it online just wouldn’t cut it. Go experience it for yourself, dive into the process and know the feeling for real. You would not regret it for one bit.

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