There’s Nothing Like Your Cross Night

Nobody knows me the way the
Alpha Upsilon Class does!

I’ve never cried tears of joy before, not until my cross night.

For most of the semester, I – along with 9 other girls – worked hard to become a part of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority.

While I was going through the new member process I had a few people ask me, “How could you be friends with these girls after they do all those things to you?”

Um…do what? Take time to teach us the history of our sorority and get to know us better than most people we’ve ever spoken to?

They dedicated as much time as we did to the process and they opened up all their trust and secrets to us. You can’t call just anyone a sister. If you plan on calling someone a sister, you have to experience things with her that you haven’t with anyone else and know her better than anyone.

It’s something you can never truly understand unless you’ve experienced it.

During the initiation ritual and for some time after, I had trouble relaxing the smile off of my face. Immediately, we were given shirts with our letters on them and plenty of gifts. And then began more secrets. We were able to talk about our new member process and the meanings behind everything we did.

My new family

After our cross night, I was able to wrap my head around everything and think about what this really meant for me.

Obviously, it means I now have 45 other active sisters in my chapter when I had not 1 sister before. But it also means I have an unspoken bond with anyone I see with my letters on.

It means I have the next 3 years to raise money for our philanthropies and do community service. It means I’m going to learn to work with others in a business setting who also have strong voices and learn to be a leader. Sigma Delta Tau will bring me an endless amount of possibilities and so many connections.

The 10 new additions to the sorority wear our letters proud. To everyone else, we just have new clothes with 3 Greek letters sewed on. It’s not something we expect others to understand, but it’s something we’d like to get more people involved in. Our cross night brought us a sense of accomplishment we never thought we’d feel before. We know it’s so much more.

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2 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like Your Cross Night

  1. Wow this sounded wonderful. It soundes like the bound I created with my fellow girl scout sister when I was a girl scout in High school. So I know how you feel to some extent.

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