Benefits of Blogger to WordPress Migration

The dominant blogging platform Blogger, owned and operated by Google since February 2003, has recently fallen in traffic to WordPress. See the Alexa rankings.

Due to a combination of aggressive promotion, neat features, and an ever expanding support network, more users (thousands a day) are deciding to go WordPress, though it sometimes means eating some costs (mainly annual hosting).

Having recently migrated over myself, I jotted down a few reason why you should switch to, and also a few for why you should just go Blogger. Who I dearly miss. See my post on how to transfer Blogger to WordPress.

Note: Before you do make the switch, do your research. Problems will arise regardless, so make sure you have a guide for migrating you like and understand. We used this one 🙂 And make sure you’ve read about this problem.

Reasons to Switch Over:

  1. can be installed almost instantly on your own hosting. This means full control and discretion of what goes on your blog. Now, Blogger allows hosting through Google’s servers. But! If they disagree with your content, or if someone important complains, your blog could vanish. Moreover, hosting on your own is not as complicated as it seems. You pay on average $5-$10 a month, and setup is easy through Hostgator.
  2. Quicker load times. Having previously managed a complex blog on Blogger, with all kinds of JavaScript plugins, load times were a problem. Offen times the header would load and I’d wait 5 seconds before seeing the page. Sigh, I can only imagine what the users saw.
  3. Plugins are fun. You’d be amazed the libraries of plugins available to add features like the Like/Tweet buttons to post scollers to optin in forms. They take seconds to install and are fun to manipulate.
  4. Professional look. I’ve already received compliments that the WordPress design I’m using looks more advanced. Blogger blogs, and I kinda hate to say it, have an elementary feel. You CAN custimize away from this childish look, but edit the code too much and you’ll face glitches down the road.
  5. Other companies are doing it. Legit sites like TechCrunch use platform, and you can even search “what template is company X using”, install it, and bam your blog looks like them.

Reasons to Just Go for Free Blogger

  1. Totally free! For beginners, self hosting is not needed and Blogger takes care of all of that.
  2. Really simple interface. Moving your gadgets around on Blogger is easier than dragging a file to the recycle bin, and one big reason we stuck with them so long. As you get to know Blogger, you’ll inevitable switch out of premade gadgets and use HTML gadgets, and moving/using them is EASY in Blogger
  3. is much more user friendly than In my opinion, the heirarchy now goes worst to best,, is filled with payment traps and barriers for beginner bloggers who look to move up to intermediate levels (like editing CSS code)
  4. Easy template designing. This means making your blog look how YOU see fit, not how the template designer person did. All the colors, fonts, widths and more can be edited quickly through Blogger’s template designer. This is challenging in, and (though a mandatory skill to know and quite fun when you learn it) more difficult in
  5. Adsense and other Google features, like Google’s blog feed index. It’s honestly just more comforting for the new blogger to use a Google product than a wordpress one, and if you use Google apps or their Webmaster Tools, you’ll be right at home with Blogger. Everything integrates a wee bit quicker than with wordpress.

So it really depends what your needs are. If you’re travelling about the world, posting pics for your friends and family, or even looking to make a small monthly earning from ads, choose Blogger. If your long term goals are bigger, like a large audience, scalable growth, professional look, dominant PR and alexa ranking, and more, then go with

Pay a bit for hosting and get started now, because even if you’re truly a beginner, if you see yourself getting big in the web world someday then learn software now.

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