4 Apps Every Recent College Grad Needs

This is a guest post by freelance publisher Amanda Brown.

Smartphones are thought of as lifelines for a growing number of young adults. A study released in late 2011 claimed 57 percent of college students owned smartphones. By February 2012, a Nielsen report insisted 66 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds had smartphones. Nine-three percent of these young people believe smartphones make their lives easier thanks to handy apps like these.

LinkedIn: Grown-Up Social Networking

As the old proverb reminds us, it’s not what you know but who you know. While your college education is important, it’ll mean little without the right connections. The LinkedIn app helps you access more than 225 million members in a range of different industries. The app can also alert you to job postings and help you research companies so you’ll have an edge during interviews. Businesses also use LinkedIn to headhunt new recruits, which makes it much more valuable than those other social networking sites!

Indeed: The New Face of Job Searching

A college graduate can never have too many job-searching tools, but if you’re going to use just one, it should probably be Indeed. From humble beginnings in 2004, it’s grown to overtake the competition and become the number one job site in the world. The app will tell you how many new jobs in your preferred sectors were posted since your last log-in, and it will even allow you to search for positions close to home. No wonder more than 100 million visitors log on to the user-friendly Indeed site and its app every month.

Westfield Mall: Shop Smart

Of course, if you’re going to land that dream gig, you’ll need a professional wardrobe. You can take the fuss out of finding your corporate look with the Westfield Mall app. Shop directly from your smartphone or use the app to get around your local mall more efficiently. The Open Table feature even helps you make dinner reservations for a little post-shopping treat. The Westfield Mall app was developed by Simplikate.com, who’s probably launched more mall apps than any other developer on the planet. Like Simplikate.com‘s other mall apps, the Westfield Mall app is designed to make shopping easy for customers in the mall and at home.

HotPads: Find Your Dream Pad

You can’t stay in your dorm, and the prospect of rooming with Mom and Dad again sounds like torture. You’re going to need to find your own place.

There are plenty of real estate apps around, but HotPads will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to the basic location and price search functions, HotPads offers a feature it calls heat maps. These offer additional information like the median age of residents, the average rental price, and population density, so you can build a real picture of your new neighborhood. Each listing also shows how it compares to others in the region and state, so you’ll know whether you’ve found a bargain.

If you can’t afford your own place, HotPads has you covered too. The app also helps you search for a room to sublet or a roommate to share expenses.

Navigating your way through the world can be daunting, but these clever apps can make the prospect much easier. What other apps have you used to ease your transition from college to the “real” world?

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