7 Apps Perfect For College Students

This is a guest post by Richard Wells.

College environments are very different now than they were even a few years ago, and one major reason for the change is improved technology. By its nature, technology is always adapting and improving, but in the past decade or so this shift seems to have accelerated, with the result that life for today’s college student is virtually a whole new experience.

These days, college students take advantage of an incredibly wide range of amazing technologies – from accessing everyday email on the latest smart phones, to taking advantage of advanced cloud storage networks from file sharing companies like ShareFile Citrix.

However, this isn’t to say that things are becoming too complex. In fact, many of the tech products most popular among students are designed specifically to simplify and organize the college experience. For example, consider the following – 7 of the top electronic apps aimed at students using smart phones and tablets.

1. iStudiez Pro
Think of this app as the ultimate electronic college planner. With iStudiez Pro, you can input your class schedule, assignments, and deadlines, as well as a schedule for your extracurricular activities. The app will then track your activity and offer reminders, essentially organizing your college life for you!

2. Amazon Student
This is a great money-saving tool for the frugal student. Textbooks can be extremely expensive for students, and Amazon Student helps you to find the best deals simply by allowing you to photograph the bar codes of books. The app also provides you with a means of selling old textbooks for Amazon gift cards.

3. Evernote
Written notes, pictures, and audio files can all be put into Evernote, where they can be organized into folders and then synced (through a cloud network) to all of your devices. Essentially, this makes this app the ultimate tool for keeping track of class material and lectures, simplifying the note-taking experience significantly.

4. Chegg
Another money-saving tool for textbooks, Chegg is a text rental service. By inputing a book’s ISBN number, you can easily compare rental prices with purchase costs to get the best available deal for a textbook. If you do decide to rent, shipping to return books at the end of a term are completely free.

5. iTunes U
This incredible app gives students access to course material, notes, and data from top universities all over the world. For additional studies, background information, and even research, this app is an invaluable resource for diligent students.

6. Wikipedia Mobile
Professors are constantly cautioning against Wikipedia – but let’s be honest: most students use the site frequently, both for deep research and quick information. The Wikipedia mobile app simply gives you even quicker access to this wonderfully thorough online encyclopedia.

7. Mental Case
Mental Case is very simple, and very helpful – it is simply an app that allows students to design electronic flash cards. The cards can include photos, audio files, and text. Additionally, students are free to download flashcard sets already existing on Mental Case.

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