10 Apps You Need to Survive College

Between challenging courses, frequent tests and persistent social obligations, it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle of college life. Fortunately, there are a handful of essential apps that college students can use to stay organized and focused. If you’re a college student, make sure you download these apps ASAP.


Originally developed as a website for students who wanted to purchase discounted textbooks, Chegg has expanded to include a handy college app that grants access to thousands of eTextbooks. Any eTextbooks you purchase can be viewed right from the app, which eliminates the need to lug around heavy books in your backpack day after day. You can also search the Chegg archive which contains millions of solutions in topics like calculus, physics and business.

Cost: Free


Voted one of the “Top 10 Must-Have Apps” by the New York Times, Evernote is the perfect tool for busy college students. Use the app to take and organize notes, snap photos of a whiteboard in class or save web pages for later reading. You can sync and share your notes to easily collaborate with classmates. You can also use Evernote for more mundane tasks like making grocery lists or to-do lists.

Cost: Free

Stay Focused

Make sure you stay on task with this handy smartphone app. Stay Focused helps you keep away from distractions while studying by blocking certain apps on your phone for a specified period of time. You can even block calls and texts while allowing for exceptions from certain contacts.

Cost: Free


Forget about lugging stacks of index cards around in your backpack. Make your own custom flashcards and quizzes with this study aid. StudyBlue also allows you to share your flashcards with classmates and view your stats to see where you need to study more.

Cost: Free

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Keep a real scientific calculator handy at all times with this free app. RealCalc allow you to solve traditional algebraic and numeric problems, convert units and percentages and complete other mathematical tasks easily and quickly. You can also view your results history to see which problems you’ve solved recently.

Cost: Free


Creating citations for college papers is a snap with this useful app. Simply scan a book’s bar code and get the citation prepared in MLA, APA or Chicago style in just seconds. You can email or export your citations for easy copying and pasting.

Cost: Free


With Venmo, it’s easy to track your shared expenses in college. Whether it’s splitting a dinner bill with friends or paying the rent with your roommate, you can easily send and receive cash through this smartphone app.

Cost: Free


Use Skype to stay in touch with your family and friends while you’re away at school. This app lets you connect via instant messaging, voice or video calls. You can even call landlines and use it internationally, which comes in handy if you’re studying abroad.

Cost: Free


It’s never too early to get a jumpstart on your career. With LinkedIn, college students can begin building an online resume that will help them land stellar internships and jobs during and after college. Collect recommendations from professors and supervisors and list your job experience and portfolio to create a winning online resume. And don’t forget to connect with others – LinkedIn is a great networking tool that allows you to stay in touch with professional contacts, view job listings and see advice and inspiration from industry leaders.

Cost: Free


Today’s college students are looking for personal and meaningful social networks that apps like Facebook just can’t offer. With Instagram, students can snap and share photos and see what their friends are up to. Comment and like photos with the tap of a finger or explore what other users are sharing. Best of all, you’ll be creating a cool visual timeline of memories from your college days as you use this app.

Cost: Free

Make your college years a little easier by downloading these handy smartphone apps today. If you don’t have one already, it’s a good idea to pick yourself up an affordable smartphone from carriers like T-Mobile to begin reaping the benefits of these mobile apps.

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