The Best Cities to Intern or Work and Why

Cities featured in this article:
Ithaca, LA, Boston,Cleveland, New York

In Honest College’s newest series, a bunch of our friends have helped compile details on the best places to intern/work around the world and why. We’ve broken our findings down into three categories: location, industry, and social life, each of which make the cities we’ve looked at stand out.

Disagree with the facts? Great, let’s hear about it in the comments. Check out great info on Ithaca, LA, Boston, Cleveland, and New York after the jump!

The Location Advantages: 

Ithaca: Great place to be in the summer, Ithaca thrives in the summertime. Tons to do: lakes for swimming and boating, gorges for swimming, gorge jumping, festivals ALL the time. If you’re at Cornell, or plan to be, summer is a perfect segway to the school year. Do research for a professor, take a summer course, or grab a summer job and get ahead in the Cornell world while others vacation. Most libraries are open to explore! Ithaca commons are beautiful and full of shops, and organic/independent companies. Ithaca in the summer is different than ithaca during the school year. In general: a great place to get away from a city or a hectic life. It’s population decreases to about 1/4 its normal size during the summer.
LA: Bagels and pizza taste terrible, great sunshine and no humidity, no rain so you can always make outdoor plans, no greenery (its a desert), near the PCH highway (amazing ride up to Sf along the coast), people are more relaxed,  no one walks (its awkward to be seen walking) that’s not cool, they have coyotes in the mountains.
Boston: Good transportation, skiing is close by, beautiful beaches, new york city is near by, the city looks pretty, people are more outdoors oriented, very proud of their sports teams, strangers are friendlier. Weather is brutal (the extremes).

Cleveland: The cost of living in Cleveland, Ohio is much more financially reasonable than many other cities in relation to your income! You’re only 20 minutes from Lake Erie, so you can enjoy your weekends and time off fishing, swimming or doing whatever your heart desires and at a reasonable cost. Let’s not forget who has the #1 team in baseball this year either!

Time Square subway entrance (1 of many)

New York: Subway lines, most efficient in the world. Taxis everywhere, start with base $2.50 but you can get across the City east to west for about $12 even with mild traffic. If you’re up for walking, it’s the best option. Walking 20-30 blocks is standard commute for many people during and post-college. You get to see interesting sites, try out new restaurants on the way, and the walk will go by surprisingly quickly. Careful, cabs are aggressive, and disregard “walk” signals when they’re turning.  

The Industry Advantages:

Ithaca: Local businesses are open, and entrepreneurs, environmentally conscious, and clothing interested folks are welcome. Ithaca is very conscious about its impact on the world, and its carbon footprint. Working for a small Ithacan company can teach you a ton about the industry, largely because of the people who run these businesses and their willingness to sit down and explain at a leisurely pace (perhaps over a nice Ithaca crafted drink). If it’s research you’re into, be it ways to improve New York’s water purification systems or ways fungi can be used to cure diabetes, head to Cornell’s Ithaca campus and get connected with their worldly supply of resources and publications. Even during the summer, you can find a professor to guide you and hopefully lend you a book or two. What’s that, you want hourly pay? Contact The Statler Hotel and have a blast working on their banquets team.

LA Pacific Coast Highway (The PCH)

LA: Most jobs revolve around entertainment. Folks are much more laid back about how they do business, and a good personal connection is necessary to break into jobs, especially in entertainment. Most people understand how sacred, how untouched, their nice environment is, compared to a place like NYC, and will guard it. Being observant and respectful of cultural norms is almost as important as a good resume.

Boston:Many startups are found here, near Prudential Center in Boston ands scattered about the city. Looking for jobs in sports, sports marketing, or sports journalism? Boston is for you. Boston’s passionate sports industry opens its arms to thousands of new interns and entry level hires each summer. This is just one area where Boston really has an edge over places like New York and LA.

Cleveland seaport

Cleveland: You have the ability to drive your own vehicle if you’d like to or use public transportation, which is utilized by many community members, as well as company executives commuting into and out of Cleveland. The city is full of Fortune 500 companies that seek many interns every summer, so chances are you can have the same job experience in Cleveland as you would anywhere else in the world!
New York: Fashion capital of the world. 7th Avenue is called “Fashion Ave”, most designer labels headquartered here. Examples: Micky London, Prada, Louis Vuitton. Not to mention, this is (or at least was) the financial hub of the world. Give it 3-5 years, and New York will boast the most finance positions once again for interns and recent grads.

The Social and Nightlife Advantages:

Ithaca:Like we said, the population goes down about 75%. This can be great. Grassroots brings people back to their homes in Ithaca, where college kids get fratty together. College students often rent out and sublet apartments to others in need of space. You can pretty much always find a cheap house or open apartment. BBQs at Stewart Park, and Taughannock Falls are a must. Meet kids at Cornell’s summer programs, and enjoy roaming through C-Town in your pajamas and flip flops acting like you own the place before the hustle and bustle begins.

Fanieul Hall

LA: Lots of blondes, need a car to get around, for the most part wherever you go, you stay, most people like entertainment (movies/music/celebs).
Boston: New englanders prefer to
stick to their own, there are transplants (but they are most likely planning on leaving boston eventually), bostonians aggressively compare themselves to NYC, boston is more classy and thus less fun- grinding is rare!), I’ve heard” boston is too classy to dance”, nightlife ends at 130a (which is good if u want to get on a normal sleep schedule).

Cleveland:Cleveland’s nightlife is quite diverse, so anyone can find the social scene they’re accustomed to or dive into something they’d like to experience. There are many college scenes on the outskirts of Cleveland with many schools in session during the summer, so going out and reminiscing with individuals in your age range isn’t difficult to do. From bars to night clubs (without expensive bottle service!) to sporting events, you can find anything and everything in Cleveland!
New York: Each neighborhood in Manhattan hosts its own theme of nightlife: Murray Hill = post-college, fratty Greek life, Tribeca = upscale, financiers, East Village = hipster, tight jeans, hyper-trendy, Midtown = mainstream, aggressive, Guido, dance clubs. Most bars open until 4am. 

So folks, thats a wrap on the above five cities. We’ll post again soon with more from around the U.S. and hopefully around the world! If you’ve got something to add, or have a cool experience of your own, please send something in and we’ll add it to the next edition of this series. Stay cool and comfortable, keeping dominating your internships, and check out the below links for more Honest College goodness.

By: david chance, c-rods, emily

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4 thoughts on “The Best Cities to Intern or Work and Why

  1. i loved cornell over the summer, only time when you can realy savor the beauty of ithaca and not be bogged down with schoolwork. nice choice of pictures, AD white libe was my spot sophomore year

  2. Having gone to college in Boston, I'd argue that you're a little off about Bostonians.

    Native Bostonians are very proud of being from Boston, so they don't necessarily aggressively compare themselves to NYC, they just believe that they're better at everything than New Yorkers (especially sports). They are, however, definitely worse at driving. Boston drivers, or "Massholes," drive like New Yorkers with their eyes closed.

    Additionally, for the nightlife, Boston is definitely more of a drinking scene rather than a dancing one. New York and LA have a well established club nightlife, and you're more likely to get fancy, go out on the town for a cocktail and "be seen"–Boston is more of a 'hit up your regular bar for beers and whiskey and stumble home in your flats and someone else's Red Sox hat' kind of town. I'm not sure if its necessarily "classier" 🙂

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