The Best 2013 Entry Level Jobs For College Grads

This is a guest post by Amy Funke from CollegeFeed.

After obtaining a degree in the field of your dreams, staring the job search as a fresh college graduate can suddenly become an overwhelming and daunting process. It may be frustrating when you discover that you cannot get the position you want or the salary you want during your first few years in “the real world,” but do not underestimate the value of a solid entry level position. Many people change their career goals and aspirations drastically after a few years of post-graduate life, but a solid entry-level position in those first few years can develop surprising skill sets that transfer across many different fields and help induce professional growth that can skyrocket your career (even if it doesn’t pay off those student loans quite yet).  Get a personal career assistant–stand out to employers, discover great companies, be prepared for interviews–at

Financial Analyst

What do they do? Financial analysts gather information to examine the feasibility of a deal and make financial and investment recommendations to the client. This means lots of spreadsheets, reports, and awareness of financial trends, market movements, and industry profiles.

What does it pay? $57,300

Why it’s a great entry-level position: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial analyst positions are expected to grow by 23 percent between 2010 and 2020. This position often requires a lot of travel, so it’s an especially exciting opportunity for young college graduates to meet a lot of people within their industry and travel to new places. There is plenty of room for growth and upward mobility in this industry, so hard work often quickly pays off.


What do they do? A copywriter produces the text you see on websites, brochures, email marketing, book covers, and catalogues. Copywriters not only need great writing skills, they need to understand how the audience will absorb and respond to their writing. 

What does it pay? $35,000

Why it’s a great entry-level position: The responsibilities of this position vary from company to company, so there is opportunity to gain a variety of responsibilities and gain exposure to different audiences, which can help you develop different styles of writing. This position develops excellent communications skills and bridges the gap between a writing/creatively mind and a marketing/business mind.

Sales Representative

What do they do? A sales representative sells to business and government agencies rather than the consumer themselves. They act as the main point of contact between the company they work for and the company they are trying to sell to.

Average starting salary? $44,000

Why it’s a great entry-level position: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15.6 percent employment growth for this position between 2010 and 2020. As a sale representative, you are forced to think with a business mindset, which is excellent preparation for entrepreneurs. You will also develop excellent communication skills and interaction with many different clients and colleagues.

Online Marketing Specialist


What do they do? Online Marketing Specialists develop the client’s online presence and voice to attract their target online audience, and effectively communicate their mission so that the audience will buy the product (this may include developing advertising and email campaigns). 

Average starting salary? $36,000

Why it’s a great entry-level position: The responsibilities of this position vary from company to company, so there is plenty of opportunity to learn new things and obtain additional responsibilities. Because of the varied responsibilities, a copywriter must be able to adapt quickly for the project at hand. This position forces you to strategically communicate with an audience as well as with various clients and colleagues.

Information Technology Specialist

What do they do? An Information Technologist Specialist works with computers, installing programs and hardware, maintaining databases, and troubleshooting for a company.

Average starting salary? $40,000 

Why it’s a great entry-level position: This position varies from company to company depending on how large the Information Technology department is and how computer-reliant the company is. An Information Technology Specialist will develop a variety of skills and have a wide range of responsibilities. They must be excellent problem-solvers and must stay up-to-date with the latest programs and updates for their company. This is a great starting position for someone who wants to remain in the industry, and if you can build yourself up to a managerial position, you will build excellent leadership and communication skills as well.

Medical Assistant

What do they do? A Medical Assistant’s responsibilities can range from filing paper behind the front desk to checking patients’ vital signs before they see the doctor.

Average starting salary? $22,400 (with opportunity up to $40,810)

Why it’s a great entry-level position: This is the perfect position for the pre-med student looking to gain some clinical hours, or the postgraduate who has had a change of heart after working in a different field. Often, Medical Assistants do not even require a Bachelor’s degree, simply a GED and certification. Not only will you gain exposure to a variety of different medial skills, secretarial skills, and communication skills, but the schedules are often flexible enough to allow for further education and certification in your free time. Additionally, further certification can quickly lead to salary advancements. Many Medical Assistants receive great insurance and other benefits, as well as job security since the demand for Medical Assistants is on the rise.

Events Coordinator

What do they do? Event Coordinators arrange dates for the event as well as helping choose and book venues, catering, and décor. They file for necessary permits and transportation.

What does it pay? $36,000 

Why it’s a great entry-level position: This position varies from client to client and event to event. Event planners must develop strong organizational skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. Even if you do not eventually end up in the event planning industry, this position develops many of the necessary leadership and organizational skills for project coordinators and managerial positions.

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