5 Gifts Your College Student Will Love

Whether there’s a birthday or a holiday on the horizon, or you know someone who’s heading off to college for the new semester, give the college student in your life a gift that will make his or her life easier. Between studying and trying to get some privacy in crowded dorms and apartments or needing an opportunity to unwind, there are plenty of items to meet a college student’s needs. Surprise the college student in your life with a gift that’ll make him or her wonder how he or she ever lived without it.

Quality Headphones

Silence is golden — and on a college campus almost as rare as gold. Students need to study, but asking neighbors and roommates to keep quiet is often a futile effort. Instead, diligent students listen to music to block out distracting sound and create their own personal space. Give a college student a quality pair of headphones to help them focus.

Is your college student a huge sports fan? Buy headphones with his favorite sports team’s logo and colors, so he can zone into his own personal space in style. Most students have a cheap pair of earbuds, but they need quality headphones that will last and block out other sounds with designs they’ll enjoy showing off.

A Scanner Pen

It’s a digital age, but not everyone can type fast on a tablet. A surprising number of students still rely on handwritten note-taking while in class, for many different reasons. However, when trying to study out of class, they might have trouble finding important information in pages of handwritten notes; organizing notes on a tablet or computer can prove much easier.

Give your college student a scanner pen. She or he simply runs the pen over her notes and the pen uploads a scan of her writing to her or his tablet or computer. She or he can then organize her or his notes for easy studying after class; instead of lugging around a spiral notebook for each class, she or he can access every note on her tablet or laptop.

A Cup Coffee Maker

Coffee is a college student’s best friend when it comes to project deadlines and studying for exams. However, brewing an entire pot of coffee takes time most college students don’t have, and it’s messy and wasteful if they don’t have anyone to share it with. Help your college student avoid the too-expensive coffee shops on campus with a single-serve cup coffee brewer. There are no filters and no mess. You just fill the machine with water, select a flavor you’d like and hit a button for one mug of coffee. It’s perfect for the single college student.

Homemade Desserts

Cakes, cookies and other desserts are the perfect reminders of home for the college student stressed out by exams and feeling homesick. Make the student’s favorite dessert and mail it in a care package. If you’re not particularly adept at cooking or baking, buy a professionally made pastry from a bakery, or send her a mix to make it herself if you know she has access to an oven. College students need to indulge from time to time, and the sugar in desserts can provide a student with a little brain boost.

A Streaming Service Subscription

Some campuses don’t provide cable or satellite, and if your college student lives off campus, she may not have the budget to pay for extra channels she might not have time to watch. The college lifestyle is best suited for entertainment on demand. Between night classes and study sessions, your college student may only have time to watch something in the morning or afternoon, so he or she might miss out on the first run airings of his or her favorite shows. Let him or her catch up with his or her favorite TV shows with a subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

CNBC reports 32 percent of college students live on campus, and 18 percent live off campus with friends while 4 percent live alone off campus. Even in a tough economy, the majority of college students don’t live at home with parents. This means they don’t have the comforts of home like coffee pots and cable. Give them what they need and choose gifts that will make life easier now that they’re beginning to branch out on their own.

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