Move Homes: What to Do Before You Travel

Getting a new home is always exciting. New home means new atmosphere and a new neighborhood. At the same time, packing and moving your things is a pain.

Imagine how difficult it could be to pack your entire life, especially if you’ve spent the past five years in the same apartment. Packing is stressful, yet it is refreshing as you will finally get rid of all the old clothes and accessories that you stopped using years ago.  Right planning will help you pack and unpack effectively, just keep in mind the following suggestions:

When is the moving day?

Have you already decided on the moving day? If you did not set a day, you won’t start packing your things. You will keep postponing this process until later. Establishing an actual moving date will keep you motivated and more organized.


Before you start packing your things you need to get enough boxes, bags and other packing materials. First, you need to start packing things that you don’t use at the moment, i.e. winter clothes in summer. Then you will gradually start packing your clothes and household appliances that are still in use. Mark all the boxes with fragile contents. Otherwise, movers may simply destroy all your expensive china.

You can either hire someone to move your stuff, or ask your friends to help you out. In any case, you would need to plan your moving day.

Moving kit

Before you pack all your things in separate boxes, make a list of items that you would use when you arrive. I’m sure you’ll need clean your new home, that’s why you should not put your mop and cleaning items somewhere far from the reach. You would need to have your plates and cups right away. Don’t pack everything spontaneously as unpacking might take some time. Sheets and toiletries are also important. Remember where you put most important things. Otherwise, you will spend hours searching for them.

De-clutter your home

People tend to accumulate things with time. Moving to a new place will help you getting rid of all the junk you no longer use. There is no need to throw everything away. You can donate your old clothes or sell some old electronics on eBay.

Change your contact address

Your mail, bills and other important things should be sent to a new place. Don’t forget to notify your bank and home insurance company about your new address.

On the move

Make sure that everything is packed. Go around the house one last chance. Say your goodbyes to the place that was your home and hit the road.

Don’t forget to celebrate when you arrive to a new place! Open a bottle of champagne and feel happy. You survived the moving part, now you need to deal with unpacking and readjusting your life to a new place. Don’t forget to call your insurance provider to update your insurance policy.  Homeowners insurance calculator will help you identify the best insurance plan for your new place.

Lisa Peteres is a freelance writer and blogger on everyday topics that could make your life easier. Look for more of her articles for various “lifehack” tips and tricks.

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