Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in the US

Article by Abdul Satar

Pharmacy: A bright career to opt for

To make a successful career in the field of pharmacy is challenging but is rewarding. Obtaining a medical career from any of the top 10 pharmacy technician schools in USA is beneficial. Anyone can achieve the degree of pharmacist or the technician; it is not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree for the course. However, it is important to get a pre-pharmacy education before you proceed to the degree of the pharmacist. 

After four years of education, you will be granted by the degree of PharmD i.e. Doctor of Pharmacy. This is a professional degree and after this degree course you can go for PhD program or Master degree.

Pharmacy college admission test:

If you want to get admission in the top 10 pharmacy technician schools in USA, you have to clear an entrance exam first which is known as Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). This entrance examination is the test sanctioned by AACP i.e. American Association of College of pharmacy to get the admission in the good pharmacy colleges. It is necessary to clear the PCAT as this is the requirement of the top pharmacy colleges. Through centralized application service by AACP students can apply to the different pharmacy colleges at one time.

Online pharmacy schools:

Due to development, research and use of new technology healthcare industry has improved quite a lot. This is because of those students which have obtained their medical education from the top pharmacy technician schools in USA. Many people go for online pharmacy schools as they get the benefit of obtaining the education anytime anywhere according to one’s convenience. Online pharmacy schools offer the same education and experience like normal classrooms but the only benefit in learning online is the interactive session to get more knowledge from thousands of views on a single day.

Here is the list of top 10 Pharmacy technician schools in USA. These colleges below are not given on the basis of their rankings. Let me tell you about the information about the colleges in brief.

Ohio State University: The college of Pharmacy located in the United States of America is ranked as the 4th best college in the States. When it comes to annual scientific publications it holds 2nd rank and is on the 7th position in the ranking of the top most pharmacy schools. The institute requires valid scores of TOEFL and GRE and pre-pharmacy requirements for the admission.

Purdue University: A College of Pharmacy, Health Sciences and nursing of Purdue University is recognized as one of the top universities which offer graduate courses in the field of pharmacy. This university is considered as one of the top 10 pharmacy technical school in America. Students getting education from this college are trained in health care and have developed leadership skills in the medicinal field. A valid score of GRE, bachelor’s degree is essential for taking admission. However, international students should have TOEFL and IELTS score.
University of California: This also one of best pharmacy college in US. It has good academic quality, number of scientific publications and funding. It offers number of doctoral and post doctoral programs. The requirement of the institute is the only pre-pharmacy education. GRE and TOEFL are not required by the college.

University of Cincinnati: A pharmacy college is also one of the top 10 pharmacy technical schools in America. This college provides educational programs like PhD and Doctor of Pharmacy and M.SC as well. Before applying to this school you should know that completion of pre-pharmacy course and PCAT score are required for the admission.

University of Kentucky: This is one of the popular and prestigious pharmacy colleges in US. International students are supposed to submit their TOEFL scores for the admission. PCAT scores and undergraduate course is necessary for securing admission in the college.

Ferris State University: It holds good rank in the top pharmacy colleges in USA. The courses provided by the institute include pre-pharmacy program and Doctorate in Pharmacy. PCAT scores are strictly needed for the admission.

University of Minnesota: This pharmacy college offers Pharm-D, PhD and M.S. programs. This institute is considered in the top three pharmacy colleges in States. PCAT scores are essential for admission.

University of North Carolina: Eshelman Pharmacy School holds the highest rank as compared to other pharmacy colleges in US. The most popular program offered by this School is the PhD in Pharmaceutical Science. PCAT scores, GRE scores and TOEFL scores are required for the admission.

University of Tennessee: A pharmacy college of University of Tennessee is referred as one of the top 10 pharmacy technician schools in America. The institute offers M.S and PhD programs. Also, it has dual degree program which includes PharmD and PhD courses.  PCAT, GRE and TOEFL scores are necessary.

University of Oklahoma: College of Pharmacy under University of Oklahoma is a quite reputed pharmacy college in America. Pre-pharmacy requirements and PCAT scores and TOEFL scores are essential for admissions.


by Abdul Satar

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