Top 4 Places for College Students to Visit

College students need inexpensive vacation destinations that will let them indulge in wild parties without getting in serious trouble.

Luckily, there are plenty of places all over the world where college students can live out their fantasies (within reason) without spending next semester’s tuition.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has a reputation as a town for high rollers, but it’s a cheap city to visit as long as you can remain flexible. Hotels don’t mind slashing prices during the week. They care more about putting people in the casinos than losing a few dollars on a room.

College students will also love the non-stop nightlife. No matter where you go, you’ll find a club ready to keep pace with your time zone.

During the day, you get to sweat out your indulges by a cool pool.


Getting to Morocco isn’t cheap. Once you’re there, though, you can live the high life with very little money. Depending on where you want to stay, you can get Morocco hotels for well under $100 a night. As long as you stay away from tourist traps, you can also eat like a king just by hanging out with the locals.

While in Morocco, set aside time to:

  • Take in a steam bath at a hammam
  • Scout the edges of the Sahara Desert
  • Go surfing (it has surprising good waves)
  • Look at the rare plants at the Majorelle Gardens

Morocco isn’t quite as fashionable as it once was, but it still has plenty to offer. During your trip, try to find a dame (or a dude) so you can use your best Humphrey Bogart impersonation.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of those vacation destinations that’s almost like staying in the US, except that you need a passport to get home and you’ll occasionally run into someone who doesn’t speak English.

The best thing about Cancun, though, is that it has established itself as Party Central. If you have any doubts, just consult MTV. The station once aired a Real World season of egotistical young people surrounded by the city’s inexpensive drinks and tolerant police.

Hey, that’s not always a good thing for a family vacation, but we’re talking about college here. Go live it up.

South Beach, Miami

Don’t want to wait for the post office to process your passport? That’s okay, you always have South Beach. This part of Miami was practically designed for college students on vacation. It has hot temperatures, warm waters, and plenty of bars. If you’re interested, it also has some of the best restaurants in the country.

South Beach has a reputation for letting people do as they please. That means you’ll get left alone to have your party as long as you’re willing to leave others alone to have theirs. Start any trouble, and the cops will have no problem locking you up for evening.

That’s the price we all pay for the kind of freedom that you can only get from a college vacation.

What are your fondest college vacation memories? If you haven’t been to college yet, what do you hope to do during your breaks?

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