Top 6 Cities to Move To Post-College

This is a guest post by freelance publisher Amanda Brown.

Recent college graduates frequently have questions about where they should go and what they should do next. There are many places that are great for new graduates.

Los Angeles, California

Ok, so everyone wants to go to Los Angeles after they graduate. However, this is because Los Angeles is a great option for many people. There are tons of companies, and many of them need workers. What is your degree in? Depending on your field, Los Angeles may be your best option. It’s a good idea to check some apartment rentals LA has to offer if you’re looking to move there in the near future.

Seattle, Washington

If you’re looking for a job in the tech industry, you’re going to want to consider Seattle. With companies like Microsoft, as well as many other smaller tech businesses, the area is perfect. In fact, it’s been called a second Silicon Valley. On top of the jobs available, the cost of living is much lower than may other places that have similar job options.

New York, New York

Like Los Angeles, many new graduates flock to New York. Some of the biggest companies in the world are located here. If you’re interested in fashion, theatre, or a variety of other creative jobs, New York is perfect. Keep in mind that the cost of living in New York is a lot higher than other places in the country, so it may be a little difficult at first. However, the job opportunities make up for this for most people.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

One of the great draws to Minnesota is that the people are nice. “Minnesota nice” is more than just a saying here. Some people are concerned about the agricultural feel of the state; however, if you head into the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, it’s undeniable that you’re in a city. The job market here is not only stable, it’s growing. Minneapolis is one of the best cost of living areas in the country.

Denver, Colorado

With a mean annual income of over $50,000, it’s nice to know that the cost of living in Denver isn’t nearly as bad as many other areas with similar income rates. There are also tons of jobs in this area. Are you interested in outdoor activities? If so, Denver is perfect; you’re not far from some of the best summer and winter outdoor activities in the country.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is ranked number 14 in the country for highest earnings for college grads. This is great news for you if you’re considering moving here. There are jobs available, and the cost of living isn’t as high as many places on the east coast. It’s also a city full of young people. This means you’re likely to find tons of friends and people you can work with easily.

There are so many places you can go once you’ve graduated that it can feel a little overwhelming. However, consider the income you’d like, the job market you’re looking at, and the cost of living of the cities you’re considering. These factors can help you decide exactly where to go after graduation.

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