Why Blogging is Useful for Students

blogger beer canThis post is by the Honest College intern Carson Suggs (Arizona U).

College is exciting, but we would all be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that it was also frightening.

But maybe I’m projecting. In January I start my first semester as a university student, at the University of Arizona.

This comes after a number of years at a community college: over two years of dual enrollment while in high school, and, after leaving high school at the end of my sophomore year, about a year and a half of attending full-time and completing my associate of arts degree.

Times are changing, and it would be dishonest of me if I said I wasn’t afraid of what the future has in store.

I’ve kept a journal since I was 14, and I’ve been blogging on various platforms off-and-on since late-2008, with Tumblr being my platform of choice. However, the point is not the platform, but what you do with the platform.

A lot of what I wrote when I was younger was ridiculous (which is why I’m glad a lot of my early blogs are gone), but as I grow up (I’m 18 now) and move into a new phase, writing becomes more and more important in my daily routine, whether it takes place in a Moleskine notebook, on Tumblr, or even on Twitter.

“Blogging” is a word I’m uncomfortable with for reasons that are too involved to condense in

If you don’t want to write about intensely personal matters, you can always write about what’s going on in your classes, and if you happen to write intelligent stuff, your blog could get attention (in a good way). You could also use your blog to build your writing portfolio, if you’re so inclined.

If nothing else, keeping a blog allows you to have a record of the thoughts and feelings you had at the moment of clicking “Publish”.

Some people may not want to relive those memories, but for others, it could serve as an example of how much one’s grown in following weeks, months, and years, and that, I think, makes writing on the web worth it.

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5 thoughts on “Why Blogging is Useful for Students

  1. Jeff,

    Tumblr's easy to use; it's very adaptable. And I wouldn't say I've had a tough education. I started taking classes at my community college when I was 13. Throughout high school I'd take two classes in the spring, two in the summer, and two in the fall (usually). I left high school after my sophomore year to go to this college full-time, and I finished this month. During high school I usually took things I was interested in, regardless of whether they met the requirements for that degree.

  2. My prospective teacher is making our class do blogs for the rest of the semester. i always heard about doing blogs but i never did it until now. i think its pretty cool and entertaining. when I'm not in class, i blog. when I'm bored at home or on the computer I'm always on social networks such as twitter and Facebook and i see people tweet or mention tumblr on their tweets or statuses so i join in and do my daily blogging when i feel there is a topic that catches my attention. i like to share my ideas and thoughts and like to see the comments i receive back because there are allot of people out there that feel the same way i do on certain topics.

  3. Until I got into my Perspectives class, blogging was never something I had done. It became an assignment for the class and I thought it was going to be annoying. To my surprise, blogging is actually helpful to put out your thoughts on certain matters if you don’t want to talk to someone. Some people may say that’s what you can do on twitter, but it’s you can’t express nothing within 140 characters. I don’t like putting certain things on twitter neither, so I do find blogging to be a good way to express yourself.

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