The Many Benefits of Building Relationships With Your College Professors

This is a guest post by content publisher Leon Harris.

When you first start college you might not think too much about forming friendships with your professors. After all, they are authority figures and as such, they tend to maintain a certain level of separation. And yet, if you sit in the front row, raise your hand to answer questions, and take the time to discuss the finer points of the lecture with your instructor after class or during office hours, chances are good that you’ll end up becoming more friendly with your professors than the average student. And you may be surprised by the many benefits that can be gained by nurturing such relationships, not only in the here and now, but down the road, perhaps even long after you’ve left college. Here are just a few perks of befriending your professors that you might not have considered.

For one thing, becoming buddy-buddy with teachers is a great way to increase your chances of acing a class, and there are several reasons for this. When a teacher takes a shine to you, it could be the case that you are granted a little more latitude when it comes to extending deadlines, delivering rewrites, or getting the extra credit opportunities needed to bump your grade. In other words, you may get preferential treatment by getting in your teacher’s good graces. It’s not like there’s any big secret here; when you treat people right they’re going to go the extra mile for you. This is a valuable lesson to learn, especially before you get out in the real world.

Of course, you’ll still have to do the work if you want to pass the class. No teacher is going to let a student skate by without ever turning in an assignment or taking a test. But when you like the teacher and you’re engaged in the learning process, chances are that you’re going to absorb more knowledge, especially if you take time outside of class to ask for clarification of lecture points you didn’t understand. The best part about this is that you’ll get a better handle on the class, and the additional information you receive will be in the teacher’s own words. Hypothetically speaking, this could give you an edge when taking exams or writing papers for class.

However, the benefits of bonding with your college professors don’t have to end when you receive your diploma and throw your mortarboard to the sky. By taking the time to remain in contact with your professors you could open all kinds of doors down the road. For example, many teachers spent time working in the industry associated with the classes they now teach. So they may be willing to help you out with references or even contact information that could help you land a job after graduation. Or they may invite you to join them in collaborative projects or even ask you to speak for their classes if you’re doing well in your chosen field. And you can always turn to them for additional knowledge or resources that might help you to advance in your career. Whether you head to campus for a law degree or you opt for an online masters in civil engineering, taking the steps to befriend your professors could come with myriad benefits. At the very least, you might simply make a lifelong friend that you enjoy conversing with.

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