How to Make Your Business School Presentation Stand Out

This is a guest post by freelance publisher Tom Grant.

In order to make your business school presentation rise above the rest and really engage your audience, it is essential that you are fully prepared for the task at hand and have all your slides, notes, and other materials organized and ready to go. Business presentations are usually not the most exciting subject matter, so adding a few attention grabbing features such as introductory videos, colourful graphs, and eye catching graphics will help you stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, technology has revolutionized the way we give presentations, and utilizing the best software available will ensure that your business school presentation is one to remember.

The Importance of Visual Aids

It’s hard to imagine a business presentation without some form of PowerPoint® software or even free Open Source Presentation software being involved, but failing to use it wisely can have disastrous consequences. Clicking through an endless array of slides is a sure fire way to send your audience to sleep, and reciting a list of facts and figures will have the same effect. If you have to use slides, use the minimum amount necessary, and keep them simple, eye-catching, and informative. If you don’t know how to create your own PowerPoint presentation there are online courses available for free at which will guide you through the entire process. Short videos are also a fantastic way to get information across quickly and clearly, and you can even download informative videos from YouTube by visiting this website.

Creating a Story

The best presentations take the audience on a journey, and allow them to view the subject matter from a different perspective than before. Start your presentation with a clear outline of what you want to say, and avoid lengthy intros that will just make everybody switch off in the first few seconds. Begin your presentation with a surprising fact, unique perspective, or if you can pull it off, a funny anecdote to instantly grab everybody’s attention, but avoid telling jokes unless you are certain you can do it without inviting an awkward silence afterwards. Public speaking is an art form that requires skill and experience, and you can learn many helpful tips and tricks from the experts at websites such as

Providing printed materials that can be handed out to the audience is another way to make your presentation memorable, as they can refer back to it at a later time. Put your presentation up on YouTube, give the audience the link. It may be a good idea to provide the notes after you have finished speaking to ensure you have the audience’s full attention during the presentation, unless the material is essential to what you are saying. Above all, speaking passionately about your subject and projecting your message across to the audience is one of the most important aspects of a presentation, and all the visual aids in the world cannot make up for a speaker who is not really confident about the subject matter. As long as you are well rehearsed and let your personality and dedication shine through, you will give a memorable performance that will captivate your audience and impress your reviewers.

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