How to Make Your Career with a Music Degree

If you have a musical background or want to use your creativity to teach children, you may want to pursue a degree in music. Programs for music students stimulate the brain and develop creativity. Students learn motivation and discipline through the study of music, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re fostering musical talent.

1) Diverse Careers in Music

After graduation, music majors can have rewarding careers as performers, producers, studio musicians, and in business, technology, or teaching music. Careers for music majors include:

  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Administration
  • Teacher
  • Music librarian

2 Multiple Income Streams in Music

The careers people usually associate with a degree in music are just a few of the options available for a graduate. New technology in combination with innovative teaching methods allow graduates to pursue more than one career in music. Some careers require graduate degrees. However, skills such as marketing and business administration may also be assets to anyone in the music business.

3 Careers in Addition to Teaching and Performing

A collaborative musician or accompanist may work with public or private schools or performing arts centers, accompanying performers rehearsing for live performances. Engineering careers may include acoustics engineer or audio engineer who’s responsible for editing soundtracks for movies or TV. A conductor may conduct school or university orchestras. An entrepreneur may start a business within one of the music fields. Another option is to get a law degree and work as an entertainment lawyer, which offers the opportunity to work with famous performers and new musicians.

4 Degrees for Music Educators

The first step to advance your career in music education is to get your Master of Music in Music Education. You can earn an online music education master’s if you need maximum convenience while completing your degree. You’ll be able to collaborate with professionals in music education that can help you to advance your career and more effectively interact with students. Online coursework is the ideal opportunity for prospective music educators who want to remain in their current position while studying for their graduate degree. Technology makes it possible for students to have a classroom experience similar to attending classes on campus.

Salaries for graduates of MM ME programs are between $62,330 and $120,000 for educators teaching drama, music and performing arts at the college level. Salaries for public school teachers run anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000.

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