How To Pursue a Career in Tourism

Tourism is a significant part of every economy, providing lots of jobs to various professionals, both directly and indirectly. Modern technologies, globalization and cheap transport have during the last few years promoted the idea of visiting foreign lands. A career in tourism can mean many things – that’s why tourism is a great choice for those who like to learn new things, explore different cultures, write captivating travel books or entertain people. Here are some practical tips on how to launch your career in tourism.

Research the industry

Tourism is a very broad sector that offers lots of different career opportunities. In order to choose your path, have a look at various travel industry websites and see what are some potential professions or occupations of this industry.

It’s a great idea to ask around – maybe your friends or family know people who are part of this sector and can serve as your career guides. Contact the career counseling services at your college – they are well-prepared to help you understand the industry and the variety of the roles it offers.

Make a list of qualifications for jobs you like

Once you detect professions that you find interesting, have a look at job postings published in online job search engines. That’s how you learn which skills and qualifications are expected from entry-level job candidates. Jot down those that are listed most often for your preferred profession and compose a short list of the essentials.

Another great idea is to check the websites of companies you’d like to work for – from resorts and cruise lines to travel publications and companies organizing adventure activities. Have a look at their employment opportunities. You’ll know which skills are appreciated most by a particular employer.

If the skills you listed seem beyond your reach, consider using your existing qualifications to pick a different career in the industry. If you know several languages, you can easily act as a tourist translator, for instance.

Choose the right education

For some tourism jobs, a degree is the best starting point – consider enrolling in courses or full degree programs related to travel or tourism. A degree can be costly – you can also choose a vocational school certificate.

If you’re already working, there are various strategies to help you transition from your area to travel industry. Some jobs are applicable to many career fields – take receptionists, for instance. By changing your employer, you can be on your way to launching a career in tourism.


Volunteering or participating in internships are probably the two best methods for acquiring the most relevant skills required in tourism. Choose companies directly related to tourism or organizations that manage local tourist attractions in your area.

Keep up with the industry

This is an important point. If you want to make it in the travel industry, you simply must follow the latest trends and developments in the field. A large slice of tourism careers is based on customer service. Lots of companies nowadays use analytic methods to learn what consumers expect, need and want from a service.

Keep up with latest consumer research and be flexible. Just like any other job market, travel industry doesn’t always stay the same and you need to be ready to embrace any changes.

Launching a career in tourism is an interesting challenge – the sector’s diversity and volume offer a wealth of professional opportunities, which can suit different personalities, qualifications and skills. If you’re interested in travel, you’re simply bound to find a career that suits you.

Sarah Collins currently works at, where she combines her love for travel with the love for writing and sharing her tips with readers.

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