5 Career Opportunities for Recent College Grads

Recent college graduates often find breaking into the job market daunting. With an entire world of possibilities, it can be a challenge to find the right fit.

There are many opportunities available for recent graduates, from management training programs to apprenticeships and non-profit organizations. Finding the right opportunity is a matter of knowing where to look.

Management Training Programs

Many major organizations offer management training programs that pair recent graduates with mentors that guide them into leadership positions. These programs offer a fast track into higher positions with a structured sequence of tasks that eventually lead to management careers. The trainee is offered positions of increasing responsibility over a set amount of time after which point he is promoted into management.

Management training programs, also called management trainee programs, are an excellent way to get on the fast track to upper management. Many retail organizations offer opportunities to move up in just a few years. The Gap, Enterprise Rent a Car and Marriott, International are a few organizations that offer management training programs for recent graduates.

Teaching Fellows Programs

If you have a passion for learning and sharing your knowledge with others, a teaching fellows program might be the right path. These programs often recruit recent graduates to teach in under served areas. The biggest demand for teachers is often in math, science and technology, as these positions are harder to fill. Teaching fellows often work in urban areas in need of quality teachers. Most major cities offer teaching fellows programs, and in some cases, they offer student loan repayment as part of the hiring package.

Stock Broker Apprenticeships

Breaking into a career in finance and investing can be a challenge. There are many companies and brokerage firms that offer assistant opportunities for recent graduates. These firms will sponsor you to take the Series 7 and 63 exams that are necessary for the stock broker’s license. These apprenticeship programs teach the ins and outs of finance and investing, and allow you to learn the craft before breaking out on your own.

Many of the big name Wall Street firms offer apprenticeship programs geared toward recent graduates. Getting into these programs can be competitive, with the top graduates competing for a few available spots. To have a better chance at these apprenticeships, apply for unpaid internships to get your foot in the door.

Non-Profit Organizations

Choose your favorite charity and apply to work for them. There are great opportunities working for non-profit organizations. Not only will you enjoy a competitive salary, you will be working for a greater good. Whether you are interested in bringing arts and music to impoverished children or saving endangered species, there are many charities that hire recent graduates.

Start Ups

Start up organizations are a great place to start to look for new career opportunities. Get ready for hard work, late nights and rewarding tasks. These new companies often hire new grads to get their businesses up and running. If you have a skill like programming, writing, or marketing, start ups are the perfect new grad job opportunity.

Finding a career as a recent grad can be a rewarding challenge. Search for your best opportunity today.

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