5 Serious Political Science Degrees to Help You Get That Government Job

If you are seeking a position with a local, state or federal government, a degree in political science is a good starting point to find a position. However, it is not necessary to only study political science as other degrees that are related to political science can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain a job in governmental agencies as well. Here are a few degrees to get your career started.

Political Science

Political science degrees are available as associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. Programs teach students how government works and how to develop policy. Undergraduate degrees are designed to provide the skills and knowledge to obtain entry-level positions in the governmental setting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 50 percent of those working in federal government held political science degrees.

International Relations

Degrees in International Relations are available at the bachelor, master and doctorate level. For those hoping to enter the government sector, an International Relations degree can be a huge benefit as it provides students with knowledge related to interactions between countries, whether those interactions be political, economic, social or environmental. Students develop an understanding of the factors that have led to today’s world and look into future interactions between countries that can affect future relationships between them.

Public Policy

Public policy professionals focus on creating and amending legislation that affect the public in a variety of ways. Students often concentrate their studies in economic, foreign, financial and international policy. They may also focus their studies at the local or national level depending on which area of the government they choose to enter. It is possible to obtain an entry-level career with an undergraduate public policy degree, but many agencies prefer individuals who have successfully completed graduate-level degree programs in public policy.


A diplomacy degree builds on a student’s knowledge of political, governmental and business expertise with a focus on international relations. Graduates have an understanding of political, cultural and geographical matters that can affect the relationship between countries. Most colleges only offer diplomacy programs at the graduate level, and many students who enter those programs have undergraduate degrees in political science or international relations.

Military Studies

A military studies degree provides insight into military affairs that include history, philosophy and political science. Military leadership as well as the study of the relationship between military and civilian organizations give students insight into the inner workings of not only today’s military, but also the military of the past. Most individuals who wish to enter government employment obtain at least a master’s degree in military studies to go beyond entry-level positions.

These five political science degrees offer the best opportunity for anyone who wishes to gain a position with governmental agencies. Whether your interest is in politics, diplomacy or the military, degree options are available both in a traditional setting and online, making it easier than ever to get your foot in the door to a career in government agencies.

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