4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Online MBA

28 March 2012

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular degree offerings for both traditional and online schools, with almost every major institution offering courses.

The wide availability of MBA programs means that prospective students should be discerning when making a selection- choosing the wrong school could leave one ill-prepared for the business world, not to mention waste their money and time.

Finding innovative solutions to industry problems
is just one task the MBA student faces.

1)  Accreditation Status: With the large number of students seeking an MBA for various reasons, there are some rather unscrupulous institutions offering courses. They can be expensive; in fact, they are often a major income source for these schools. That fact is why students must ensure that the school to which they apply is accredited- accreditation effectively guarantees that the degree offered is legitimate.

2)  Level of Support: If a school’s MBA is very popular, providing a high level of support to students could be very difficult. When a student enrolls, they will need face time with their professors, interaction with other students, and career advice. Without the necessary support, most students would not finish their degree. When choosing a school, make sure that there is a strong support system in place, and that the student to teacher ratio is relatively low.

3)  Management of Learning Materials: If an online college doesn’t offer a learning management method, take your business elsewhere. Modern learning management systems provide a platform for students, such as a website where each student has a login code allowing them to access class and lesson schedules, as well as lectures, a message board, and downloadable materials.

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