Condom Etiquette: What Sex Ed Forgot To Teach You

Article by Michael BYC

College for the majority of young people is the introduction to the world of casual if not recurrent trysts.

It is a time of exploration and perhaps frequent laundry trips to freshen the sheets. One of the more important aspects of this new-found lifestyle addition is the rubber soldier; that vigilant brother in arms who protects you from the menaces known as STD’s and fatherhood.

As good as this soldier in arms has been to us, we nevertheless do not know how to deal with having him around. Condom etiquette to my knowledge has not been a class taught to the masses. It is something that is severely lacking in our schools. They teach us how to use a condom, but not how to live with one.

This should be information you already know:
Keep your condoms in a place away from light and heat.
Do not keep it in your wallet.
Expiration dates matter.
Pharmacies charge 6 bucks for 3 condoms. Buy condoms in bulk from Amazon
Some people are allergic to latex; I would recommend polyurethane as a go-to. (Also it doesn’t smell like Latex condoms).

Press the tip (or reservoir) when putting it on. This is to keep the air out so the swimmers have somewhere to go at conclusion.


It is your responsibility to have a condom on you at all times. This is because one never knows when an opportunity presents itself. Do not rely on your partner having one at their home. You may be going to a small get together, find yourself hitting it off, go back to their place, and then not only learn that you were not vigilant, but they too lack a condom. What to do? At this point go home and let this be a lesson to you. Never go bareback. It’s just common sense.

Now how to transport your condom is the question many guys find themselves asking. In order to make sure that you are never underprepared again I will offer up some tips:

Cooler weather is easy: keep it in your inside jacket pocket. It’s discreet and away from the heat of your body. You should know never to keep it in your wallet. The tricky part becomes Summer and Spring time.

Products we recommend on Amazon:
>Condom variety packs
>Sir Richards Ultra Thin Condoms (our choice)

Note: buy these in bulk and avoid ridiculous pharmacy store prices

Now if you are out on the town I would suggest you buy yourself a small cigarette holder. You can keep your condom in a protective metal case in your front pant pocket. I do not recommend you keep a condom purely in your front pocket because it may make an outline and potential lovers may be vigilant. The last thing you want them to find is a possible confirmation of you being a player.

The beach is a little bit trickier however I do provide a solution. I have certain t-shirts designated as beach shirts. I had my mother sew me little pockets on the inside of these shirts so that I can put a condom in there without anyone the wiser. Never know when you will be frolicking on the beach.

At home it is important that you keep your night dresser or condom storage area properly stocked. There is nothing that kills the mood more than having your partner wait as you pray and search for a rubber.

Have a place and keep it stocked. Remember less is more. You do not need 100 condoms overflowing. Have enough for a few romps. I would also recommend that it is tastefully tucked away. I keep my condoms in a discreet box in my night stand.


For the ladies I would recommend that you have a few condoms on hand as well. You may meet a guy whom you want to sleep with, but his lack of foresight almost squandered the moment. Keep them tactfully away from sight, but easily accessible.

I am not one to judge you on your life, but ladies I will be honest with you. Nothing makes a guy question his choices than a girl with a ton of condoms in her room. I once was taken to a girl’s place and found her nightstand littered with condoms of all colors and varieties. My flee instincts were at full force. It is a double standard that will not be changing anytime soon. Recognize this.

The reason I am adamant about these points is that life is unexpected and you never know when sex may be on the menu. Life is full of opportunities that you may never have a chance at repeating. The boy scouts motto is “Always Prepared.” It’s a motto worth living by.
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11 thoughts on “Condom Etiquette: What Sex Ed Forgot To Teach You

  1. Good read, and definitely sound advice… just have one question: did your mother know what that inside pocket would be used for? Could be an awkward chat if so… unless she is way chill.

  2. Dissing bareback is pointless. Yes, you want a condom, but some situations dont require them to have a good time. you make bareback sound good, when in fact it feels way better (yes not as safe, but you only live once, fuck the hot chick anyways)

  3. @ the last 2 anonymous posters. if you were really honest with yourselves you'd post with your real name 😉

    Using a condom can nearly eliminate risk of contracting STDs. Not to mention, if a girl/guy is willing to give it up so hastily she/he may have contracted an STD themselves.

  4. hmmm… if a guy has a problem with a girl being prepared to have sex with him (ie having a variety of condoms to suit his particular variety of penis,) AND he is not prepared enough to have his own condom, then maybe he's not mature enough to be having partnered sex…

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