Course Hero and Your Peers: Resources for Domination

By: Course Hero

You’ll sit through hundreds of lectures during your college career.

The best professors will really make subjects come alive, but beyond the instructor, you’ll also realize that a key component of your college education happens outside the classroom.

Whether through official study groups or just casually catching up after class, your peers will help you achieve a multifaceted understanding of lecture material that is often difficult to reach on your own. By providing alternative perspectives and asking questions, peers consistently challenge you to approach and think about a topic differently. Reach out to friends at other schools who study the same subjects—conversations with them will also help deepen your understanding of what you’re learning in class. Even just hearing how another professor presented the same lesson in a different way may make a huge difference.
Challenging yourself to understand a topic inside and out (and not just enough to pass the exam) is the best way to set yourself up for success in college. Your peers are a great resource for those dynamic discussions, but there are also tools available online that can help you expand your knowledge of a subject and really go above and beyond.
Whether you want to become an expert in macroeconomics or are interested in learning more about Abstract Expressionism, tools like Course Hero host a library of millions of learning resources from study guides to video lectures from colleges and universities across the country to help you achieve your goals. Learning is not a solitary experience and taking advantage of all resources available to you will help you excel both in college and after graduation.

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