The Things Guys Forget about Dating

4 January 2012
by JP

I’m no Cosmopolitan Magazine writer but I’d like to say I know a thing or two about relationships.

Here are some things that I think contribute to making a good impression on a woman. Especially on the first date, although these rules can be applied to most any situation when you’re with a girl.

1. Chivalry is NOT dead. Although it sounds cheesy, I really think men are afraid to be overly polite when first getting to know someone. Open the door, bring the girl flowers, pay for her meal; it goes a long way.

Further explanation

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I don’t think it’s necessary to pay for dinner every time nor do I think (or like) when a guy is TOO nice to me and makes me feel uncomfortable with all of the things he’s doing for me but you have to show the girl that you want to make her feel good. That she’s taken care of. That concept is easy to understand.

This can apply in a more casual setting as well: get her a beer, play a game of pong with her, get her coat from the room she stored it in, walk her home (go to step 4). Compliments are an easy way to a girl’s heart, and the bedroom….  If you cannot afford something extravagant, be creative. Which leads me to my second point.

2. Be Original. Any loser can take a girl to dinner and a movie. Restaurants and movie theaters will ALWAYS be there (thats something you leave for date number 4 and on). But doing something that is memorable will be much more effective.

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If it’s nice out do something outdoors, play a sport or game (this is good for first dates because playing a game takes stress off of trying to make good conversation), take a cooking class (they have one time deals off of sites like Groupon) museums can be good if you both share an interest, concerts, festivals the list goes on and on. Just do something out of the ordinary. I promise, girls like to see that you’ve given the date some thought.

3. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. I like a man who is confident in himself, not cocky, but confident. If there isn’t enough oomph in the confidence category I most definitely lose interest.Further explanation

Talk yourself up, girls like it. Just don’t be over confident because that comes off as egotistical. Make sure you pause in your epic stories about how you won that lacrosse game with questions about her. There is definitely a fine line between the two but being able to speak about yourself positively is always sexy.

4. Be aggressive.  As stereotypical as it sounds girls are usually the ones who are not going to make the first move (unless alcohol is involved). Don’t be fooled because once you’ve hooked the girl she can probably be freakier than most guys are perceived to be. But you have to make it to that point.Further explanation

I’m not saying bang her on the first date, but showing that you’re into her physically is always a plus. The girl will leave the date feeling much more confident that a second date will occur if there’s a kiss involved somewhere in the night.

5. Be Honest. Another kind of cliche p.o.a. but its true. This is a BIG one. Don’t lie to a girl if you’re not into her. They’re just going to go home to their girlfriends to gush about how great you were and then turn a little bit more psycho as each day passes when you don’t return their texts/phone calls.INSTEAD: just be honest! If you’re not into her just explain that you don’t think it’s going to work out.

Further explanation

Yes, it may be a bit uncomfortable and the girl will go home pissed and will stay pissed for about 3-5 days. But that’s one thing guys don’t understand about women; we move on. Often way quicker than you do. So just do us all a favor and be honest if you’re not into it. That way, both parties will get on with their lives and have better dates in the future.

Hopefully this provides some insight for all of you looking to date a girl. Also, be funny. No girl can pass up someone who makes her laugh.

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2 thoughts on “The Things Guys Forget about Dating

  1. Yeah, some of this advise is a little bit blunt but then, if it is aimed at blokes, giving them rules can work, like offer to pay for the meal/event but if the girls says half it do, dont be agressive about it and insist. Compliment her clothes or hair, it's a good way of saying, i'm looking at you, and like what i see without staring at her physical attributes!

    Yes, honesty, honesty, honesty!!!! and more honesty, i agree, what's the worst you can say, i just think we'd be better as friends and then she know exactly where you stand, or i'd like to see you again, if you want? be clear.

    I like that you have clarified what the first guy put, it's a bit intense! Great Advise!


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