Diversify College: Where Do You Fit In?

On February 20th InternMatch is hosting the first ever Internship Hangout on Diversity and Inclusion with speakers from Facebook, Viacom (owner of MTV), Geico and Saks Fifth Avenue. The event is built is to help students learn more abut these companies’ internship programs and diversity initiatives and will be hosted on a Google Hangout where students can participate and ask questions live from anywhere around the world.

Why it matters?

If you were like most high school seniors you spent a long time picking the right campus for you. Exploring the university size and student body that would most help you grow as a person and as a student. The transition into the job world is potentially even more critical and when selecting a company you are not just picking a new name on your resume but a group of people with certain shared values that you will be spending upwards of 40 hours a week with. With over 70% of interns being offered full-time jobs, it is just as important to find the right internship as they are one of the biggest channels leading to future jobs. In all of these instances, the work a company does to make their workplace diverse and inclusive is critical when trying to understand if they are the right for you.

Beyond discovering how these leading companies are working to build diverse teams, speakers will be sharing additional information about the different diversity challenges that each of their industries faces. For example the technology sector faces a number of issues that start even before the high school level. The Level Playing Field reports that African-American and Latino students combined represent only 15% of all AP test takers in Physics and Calculus. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry is known for having unpaid internships (Viacom is an outlier on this front) which is a barrier to entry for many low-income or first-generation college students.

Our company speakers will all be experts in both their internship program as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives so will be able to respond to questions on both subjects. In addition the event will feature student representatives from three of the leading student groups for color; the Raininier Scholars, College Success Foundation, and SMASH Academy, who will help push the conversation forward.

How to participate:

If you are interested in learning more about the intersections of diversity and intern programs, joining the InternMatch hangout is easy. Participate by adding InternMatch to your Google+ circle and RSVPing to our event page on the 20th at 11 am PST.

Students are able to submit questions they want to be answered on the IM blog, twitter account, or Google+ page as well.

About the Author: Nathan Parcells is the CMO of InternMatch.com, a site that helps students find internships and helps companies find amazing interns. Nathan loves working with students to find the right internship or job for them and his writing has been featured in TechCrunch, the WSJ, Washington Post, Forbes and more.

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