Take Your Dorm Room Walls from Drab to Fab!

For most of us, our dorm room is our first chance we get to decorate how we want! But then you get to school and you realize that a) you have little or no money, b) you will now be living in the most boring, industrial looking space ever, and c) your college has all these rules about what you can and can’t do to the space.

But you don’t have to settle for those drab, beige, industrial walls! Even though you can’t paint or in most cases nail items to the wall, you can still add lots of color and style to your walls.

Wall paper your dorm with decals

Wall decals are the perfect solution for decorating dorm room walls. You can create a fun, funky wall paper pattern with vinyl wall pattern decals. The great thing about decals is that they are inexpensive, come in 100s of designs, and you can customize the color and size to fit your design theme. But most importantly for dorm rooms, they are REMOVEABLE. Come move out day you can just peel them off and trash them.

Once you create an awesome background with wall decals, you can then layer framed art or posters over the decals. Like this cute little desk nook that Emily created.

Create a photo collage on your dorm room wall

A collage wall is a great way to fill up those boring walls and a great way show off your personal interests and pics of friends.

3 keys to creating a great collage:

  • Mix it up. Vary your sizes for added visual interest.
  • Add more than photos. By adding framed art, dimensional pieces (like a fun souvenir from summer vacation), posters, etc. you will create something truly artistic instead of just tacked up photos.
  • Tie it all together. Before you start adding things willy-nilly, think of a way to tie it all together so that it looks purposeful. Ways you can tie it together is to
    1. Frame it—use decorative tape to create a frame around your collage area.
    2. Use a repetitive color—use a single color for your frames and accent pieces.
    3. Create a shape—arrange the collage so that it makes a defined shape (anything from a simple rectangle to more complicated hearts and letters).

Turn Dorm Organization into Art

In such a tight space as a dorm room, organizational tools are a must. The good news is that the essential organization can be turned into great decor for your dorm room.

Chalkboards for Dorm Rooms

Let’s face it, unless you want to cover your walls in post-it notes, you need a place to write yourself and your roommate notes. One of the easiest solutions is a chalkboard decal. You won’t have to worry about nail holes and there are some great, stylish options. Place it close to a ledge or the top of a dresser and you can store the chalk in little cup.

Cute Storage

Storage boxes are essential and with just a little ingenuity you can turn a plain box and make them cute for next to nothing. Kristin made ultra-chic storage boxes from plain cardboard boxes, glue, and special glue.

Decorate with Your Accessories

Use your accessories as art. This may sound girly but it is actually a trick that works for guys and girls alike. You can make a fun display from baseball caps for the guys or you girls you can create an awesome display with your purses and necklaces. Since storage space is at a minimum, creating art from something that would normally be taking up your valuable storage spaces.

This awesome hat and jewelry display from Borrowed Abode uses takeout containers and 3m Command strips to hang the hats! Or you can create a simple jewelry display from cork boards and push pins.

For more great ideas, be sure to check out: Dorm Room Decor Pinterest board.

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