DIY Projects for the College Dorm Room

This is a guest post by Becky Wilcox.

Sprucing up your dorm room and making it your own is one of the first things many new college students want to undertake. There are a variety of different ways to customize your dorm and make it reflect your views, hobbies and the things you like. Here are five different DIY dorm room projects you can take on this year.

Five Ways to Spruce up Your Dorm Room

1. Build a Bookshelf

Whether you buy a bookshelf from a store requiring some assembly or you build one from scratch, this is a great way to get started. With a bookshelf, you gain the ability to store your books and a place of knick-knacks. You can use cement blocks and wood to put together a cheap, yet functional bookshelf, build one from scratch (provided you can get the right tools and workspace) or buy one from a store and assemble it.

2. Your Bed

A very popular way to customize your dorm room is with your bed. Many students prefer to us a loft and put their bed high above opening the space below for other things. If you and your roommate agree to do this, you can use the space below for a small couch, TV, microwave or anything else you need. This often gives the dorm room more usable space and you can even decorate the frame of the loft with stickers, paint and a number of other things.

3. Custom Curtains

If you want to cover your windows and make the dorm room look more like home, you can create custom curtains in a color matching the rest of the room. This is a great way to add a touch of home to your dorm room and offers a way to block light or let it in when you want, as well.

4. Custom Wall Logos

You can create a logo to hang on the wall with the help of some heavy duty 3M Hot Melt adhesives. This allows you the ability to create something with school spirit or just something fitting the tastes of you and your roommate. Anything from a school mascot to fancy letters representing your name and the name of your roommate can be created with the right supplies.

5. Personalized Trash Can

Decorating your trash can will help it fit in with the room instead of sticking out. You can decorate it with the same colors as the rest of the room and give it a stylish look instead of the typical trash can look.

These are just five of the many custom projects you can do yourself to help spruce up your dorm room. Decorating your dorm can help it feel more like home and can actually make it easier to settle into your new home without feeling as homesick. Just make sure you and your roommate agree on the different projects before taking them on.

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