5 Easy and Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Money in College

This is a guest post by content publisher Leon Harris.

You might not think it’s possible to hold a job and attend college, what with the time constraints imposed by your class schedule and the demands of course requirements (homework, essays, studying for exams, etc.) taking up your time and energy. But many students have to work in order to support themselves as they earn a degree, and plenty choose to take on part-time jobs as a way to bring in some cash to cover expenses not met by scholarships, student loans, and family contributions. However, it’s not like you can take on the average 9-5 day job while you’re in school; you need something that’s better suited to the hectic life of a student. So here are just a few jobs that are totally legit and sure to deliver the extra cash flow you need while you’re in college.

  1. Campus jobs. There are a couple of good reasons to consider campus job opportunities. For one thing they limit your hours to part-time (no more than 20 hours a week) to ensure that you are able to focus on your studies. In addition, you won’t have to travel far to get to work and most campus jobs are extremely flexible since they’re tailored to fit the needs of the student populace. There are also several options to choose from. So if you’d like to sit at a desk and study during work, you might get a job in the library. But if you’d rather get outdoors, maybe campus security is more your speed.
  2. Blogging. If you couldn’t write a decent essay you wouldn’t have been accepted into college, so chances are that you’re capable of writing blog entries. And you might be surprised by just how many jobs are available to students seeking this kind of freelance work. You can create accounts on sites like Textbroker or even ODesk to find writing gigs, or you might look into piecemeal work offered by About.com or the Examiner. You may have to hustle for work, but this type of job allows you a totally flexible schedule and the chance to set your own pay rates (within reason).
  3. Bartending. This is one of the best ways for students to get money during their time in college for a couple of reasons. For one thing, you can likely get a flexible schedule that allows you to take time to study for exams or write papers as needed. You’ll also work nights and weekends, freeing you up to attend classes during the day. And while you’ll probably make no more than minimum wage as a base salary, the tips you’ll get from a happy bar crowd could significantly supplement your income, perhaps to the point that you only have to work a couple nights a week to pay for your extra expenses.
  4. IT. Plenty of students (and faculty) are incapable of keeping their computers functional and free of viruses. So if you’re handy with computer technology you could definitely do worse than offering your services around campus – for a fee.
  5. Tutoring. Whether you’re interested in online criminal justice degrees or you’re heading to Harvard Law, you can use your knowledge and expertise in certain subjects to earn a little extra cash. And you can offer your services to other students on campus, head to local K-12 schools to post flyers, or even get on board with an organization like The Princeton Review or Sylvan Learning Center, just for example.

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