Easiest College Courses at SUNY New Paltz

Article by Scarlett Valentin

The difficulties of courses vary from person to person depending on their interests, personal skills, and balance of workload between other classes and other commitments. But the following courses can be commonly agreed upon to be the easiest classes here at SUNY New Paltz. 

After asking a number of New Paltz students, the general consensus agrees that most Intro classes are extremely easy. Comp I and Comp II are mandatory classes for freshman and as long as you were able to pass high school English classes, these two courses will be a breeze. Here are some classes you should go out of your way to take for a GPA booster.

1. Expressive Arts: I’m definitely taking this class before I graduate. For 3 upper division credits, all you have to do is scribble on a large white poster paper and explain your feelings. You also have to write two papers, but you don’t have to stress over it too much to get a good grade. I’m pretty sure elementary school art class was more involved than this one.

2. Intro To Plant Life/ Intro To Animal Life: For the students lacking interest and motivation in Science. I’m definitely holding out on my two science general education requirements for these classes. You might be lucky enough to get a professor that posts all the answers to all the exams online.

3. Rap And Spoken Word: The title itself sounds like a class you’re going to want to take. Analyzing rap from the 1960’s is more of a hobby than schoolwork. Most of the work is done in groups, also. (And I’m taking this class with my best friend next semester, so excited!)

4. Intro To Theater / Live Theater Experience: For these two classes you have to go to plays and shows. These courses fulfill extremely simple Gen Ed requirements. Live Theater Experience is once a week and usually only for the field trips to watch plays. You even go to New York City sometimes and all you need to do for grades are about 5 simple papers.

5. Child Psych And Development: Taught by inspiring professors who run class through group discussions. Children are much easier to learn about in a classroom rather than one-on-one interaction.

Does your school have these classes? If so, it’s not a far stretch to guess that they’d help out your GPA as well. Pad your schedules with easy ones to balances out the hard ones.


by Scarlett Valentin 

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  1. I would go to school in NYC just to take a class that required me to go see the plays there. Also, when can we get a course in rap analysis at my school?

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